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Image Credit: Laurent VU/SIPA/Shutterstock

North West just won Halloween when she dressed up as an alien. The 9-year-old was covered in prosthetics for her costume and we didn’t even know it was her. North’s head was completely covered in a bald, red alien head with bulging black eyes and blood coming out of her mouth.


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North posted a TikTok video from the Halloween party she attended and in the video, you could see her sitting in the glam chair getting her prosthetics done. Her head was the scariest part as her face had bulging black speckled eyeballs while her mouth was crusted over and had dried blood dripping out of it. North styled her incredible makeup with a baggy black T-shirt dress with orange graphic patterns it as well as a cropped, zip-up shoulder-length sweatshirt.

Aside from her head, her arms also had makeup on them to look like alien hands. Her hands were covered in red paint and North’s mom, Kim Kardashian, posted videos to her Instagram story of North writing that North actually came up with the design of the prosthetics herself. In the video, Kim zooms in on North while saying, “This is actually so creepy. North, this is so crazy.”

North has been slaying Halloween this year and aside from this alien costume, she dressed up as Aaliyah from her Tommy Hilfiger Next Generation Jeans Campaign back in 1997. For the costume, North wore a tight, cropped white and red tube top with a pair of super baggy red and blue branded jeans. A pair of high-waisted boxers, a baggy bomber jacket, and a black belt completed her look. As for her glam, North had her dark black hair down and parted in the middle while pin-straight.

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