Yoga is far from a fad, it’s a way of life for a slew of celebrities and stars! While not technically a mode of exercise, yoga possesses a slew of restorative poses that focus on the mind and body in tandem. The practice requires a lot of focus and intention, often centered on leaving all outside noise and thoughts at the door to work on rejuvenating the body and spirit.

Along with physical health, the mental health benefits of Yoga are staggering, as it alleviates stress and anxiety and puts a lot of mindfulness into paying more attention to one’s self and taking time to focus on breathing.

Whether it’s a new year, or the perfect time to try something different in your wellness regimen, yoga is a great way to combine mental and physical health.

It’s not hard to look stylish during your yoga sessions either. Reese Witherspoon showed how to pull off the sporty ensemble while carrying her orange mat and pink towel out of class.

Ready for more fitness inspo? Check out the gallery to see some of the famous stars who have seen the benefits of practicing yoga in their self-care routine!


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