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Keeping your feet soft and healthy is a bigger task than it might at first seem. A callus or flaky skin is enough to ruin an entire look, but you won’t need to stray away from sandals ever again with this Amazon find. This peach foot peel mask uses vegan ingredients to keep your feet looking healthy, smooth and callus-free for weeks.

It’s time to strike back at cracked heels and dry skin. You won’t believe how efficient this foot peel mask is. Customers call the process “so effective” and “kind of gross, but painless and oddly satisfying.” Put your favorite music on and prepare to kick up your feet, because this foot mask from Plantifique is 45% off on Amazon. Take an additional 10% off with a coupon at checkout.

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Conquer dry and cracked skin with this vegan foot mask from Plantifique. Masks that use dangerous chemicals like PFAS may make your skin look smooth for a time, but risk long-term damage. This is why Plantifique uses all-natural ingredients in its products. Their peach foot peel mask is made from peach kernel oil that rejuvenates your skin, maintains moisture, and increases skin cell regeneration. It’s also made from papaya which keeps your skin feeling radiantly smooth and helps shed dead skin, along with Aloe Vera which keeps your skin moisturized as it peels.

The foot mask’s fruit acids seep deep into your skin to keep your feet healthy, moisturized and blemish-free for weeks to come. The application process only takes three steps, so you can relax with a book or show as the vegan ingredients seep into your feet. Unlike other masks, Plantifique’s foot masks don’t irritate the skin, so rest easy. The effects of the mask take up to two weeks to kick in according to Plantifique, but Amazon customers report their skin peeling after five to seven days. Cracked heels, dry skin and calluses will need to mark their calendars.

An Amazon shopper called the foot mask, “so effective you will disgust yourself!” They went on to say, “Your feet will feel ‘baby soft.’ The process is simple and takes about an hour and a half. Active time is maybe 10 minutes, and the rest is just waiting. Listen to some music, a podcast, or just meditate while the magic happens… It’s kind of gross, but painless and oddly satisfying.”

Give your feet the attention they deserve with this foot peel mask. You may not see cracks or blemishes on your skin, but the top layer is never a good judge. This peach mask seeps deep into your feet to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin, so you won’t have to worry about surprise calluses or cracks. This “magic” mask is $10 off on Amazon now and is even more affordable after a coupon.

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Originally posted 2022-07-12 11:30:33.