Radio 2’s ‘Sally Traffic’ helps desperate driver who phoned station when she went into labour… because it was the only number she could remember

  • Radio 2 presenter Sally Boazman recalled how she helped a woman in labour
  • The woman could not remember any phone numbers except for the travel line
  • ‘Sally Traffic’ also helped another woman stuck in the snow at the Peak District 
  • The star said  those in her industry were sometimes ‘superheroes without capes’

She’s one of the best loved voices on Radio 2. But it seems that, for some listeners, Sally Boazman does more than just report on the roads.

The 65-year-old BBC star, known as Sally Traffic, said she once helped a woman who was going into labour but could only remember the station’s travel number.

She said motorists can feel vulnerable in their cars and said those in her profession were ‘sometimes superheroes without capes’.

Miss Boazman added these feelings were particularly the case for ‘solo female drivers’, recalling how she helped the pregnant woman.

Sally Traffic who reports for BBC Radio 2 recalled on her experience of helping women in need

Sally Traffic who reports for BBC Radio 2 recalled on her experience of helping women in need

‘I really think it’s community radio. I feel warmly connected to everyone who drives and dials in,’ she told Radio Times.

‘One woman was in labour all on her own and couldn’t remember any phone numbers except our travel line.

‘She rang up, desperate to know what she should do. I helped calm her down, then rang 999 and put her in touch with her partner.’

The journalist, who became BBC Radio 2’s first travel reporter in 1998, also told of another time when she helped a woman ‘in a panic’ after she got stuck in snow on the Woodhead Pass, in the Peak District.

She told her to turn her phone off to save power, before contacting her family and emergency services.

Miss Boazman said giving ‘credible’ traffic updates, while also ‘having a bit of laugh with the presenters’, was what her audience liked.


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