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Image Credit: Daniel Yoon, Courtesy of Revolve

Remi x Revolve is finally here! After nearly 2 years of attracting millions of fans with her viral ‘Realistic Hauls’ from her NYC apartment and initiating a movement for brands to extend their sizes, content creator Remi Bader‘s collection with Revolve has dropped. “I’m really confident with the line and I really believe I did my best with it. I’m excited about each piece and I feel like my followers are, too,” she gushed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

Remi Bader models her Lucy One Shoulder Top with the Lucy Maxi Skirt from her Remi x Revolve collection. (Daniel Yoon, Courtesy of Revolve)

The 14-piece collection features designs that Remi “likes to wear” or “could never find” for herself from “brands that [she] likes, but don’t carry [her] size.” “I always wear two pieces, and I like midi-dresses. I’ve never been able to find a nice blazer dress,” she admitted, while also commenting on the erratic sizing between brands. “I like corsets and usually have to size up three sizes because it’s so confusing from brand to brand, so I just wanted to make it easy for women to shop this collection. It’s super consistent and all of the pieces are fun, colorful, sexy and classy.”

Remi noted that it was a “super exciting” moment to shoot her Remi x Revolve collection alongside three other models with a range of body types and sizes. “In the shoot we had an extra small model, a medium and a 3X, and everything looked so perfect on each of them,” she gushed, adding that for her, shoots tend to be “a stressful thing,” but this was “very exciting.”

Remi Bader & fellow models wear her Remi x Revolve collection. (Daniel Yoon, Courtesy of Revolve)

As for continuing her ‘Realistic Hauls’ and helping other brands extend their sizing for their clientele, Remi said she “will support any company that’s working on that.” However, she added, “There’s so many more brands that aren’t even dipping their toes in yet, which is probably seen in most of my ‘Realistic Hauls’ that I’ve done.”



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Remi x Revolve is currently available on and the content creator admitted she’s excited to “collect feedback” from her followers and gather their thoughts on the line — maybe even see a Realistic Haul or two from them! “I definitely wanted this line to represent me and things that I like, but I think feedback is the most important if I were to do this again, which would be great. I would love to take all that feedback and put it into another line!”

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Originally posted 2022-08-10 18:36:00.