The importance of a nice restroom in a business establishment cannot be overstated. A restroom that’s not only efficient but also beautiful adds to the appeal of and improves the perception of your business.

There are several fixtures that you can use to upgrade the look of your commercial restroom or increase its efficiency, whether you’re remodeling or building a new one. If you’re looking for something highly efficient and innovative, consider Bradley bathroom fixtures.

Bradley is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative restroom fixtures. Their multi-user handwashing fixture that allows several users to wash their hands at the same time and their WashBar technology that combines soap, water, and a hand dryer in a single touchless fixture, are just some of their products that can attest to that.

Below are some restroom trends you want to follow to make your restroom truly a reflection of your business.

Stylish Sinks & Touchless Faucets
According to a study on public restroom usage conducted by Bradley Corp. during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 84% of the respondents believe touchless fixtures are essential. Nearly 70% are more inclined to return to a business with touchless restrooms and 56% negatively view a company or business establishment that does not have touchless fixtures.

Touchless is the new black when it comes to restroom fixtures. So you want to get touchless faucets to match a modern and stylish sink.

Also, because hand drying is part of the handwashing experience, make sure you also have touchless hand dryer fixtures.

Smart Fixtures
Smart fixtures are going to be the norm. There are smart faucets and even smart toilets now. Some of the features you can expect from smart faucets, aside from being hands-free, are built-in temperature control, digital display, water-saving feature, voice-activated, and more.

Smart toilets, aside from being touchless, also have a variety of nice features. These features include:

Seat warmers that warm the toilet seat and automatic lid that makes them completely touchless.

Minimalist Design
When it comes to restroom design, less is more. You can maximize the impact of your restroom with a minimalist design that is both elegant and functional.

Minimalism and cleanliness go hand in hand, and with a strong preference of Americans today to clean and hygienic public restrooms, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist design.

In fact, in the same study mentioned above, Americans are eager to spend money on clean restrooms. Almost 60% said they are more likely to spend more money at a business that has clean, well-kept restrooms. Another 58 percent say they’ll stop at a business with “excellent” restrooms when they’re out running errands.

There is a heightened concern about coming into contact with germs, so designing a clutter-free restroom that’s easy to maintain and clean, on top of having touchless fixtures, will make your commercial restroom appealing to users.

Sustainable Materials
People, particularly the environmentally aware customers, appreciate green restrooms. You want to have, not just eco-friendly but also sustainable restrooms. The word “eco-friendly” refers to items that do not harm the environment, while “sustainable” means it’s created from renewable resources.

So aside from having eco-friendly washroom accessories and products like paper towels, tissues, soap, or scent diffusers, as well as low-flow faucets that can save water, purchase restroom fixtures that are made through sustainable practices or using sustainable resources.

When you’re ready to buy, check out Bradley bathroom fixtures. Bradley does not only conduct studies to make sure its products remain relevant but also listens to what restroom users want and need in fixtures.

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Originally posted 2022-05-30 09:56:16.