Kendall Jenner hits the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The supermodel looked incredible in a plaid bra and matching mini skirt, which had a slit up one side to reveal the tiny pair of underwear underneath. Her lingerie look was paired with calf-high heels and a diamond necklace, and Kendall was all smiles as she confidently strutted down the runway in the sexy look.

Of course, models in lingerie were always a staple at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, there are plenty of other occasions where we’ve also seen our fave models in lingerie-inspired looks on the catwalk. Whether it’s underneath sheer outfits or sneaking out of plunging looks, there have been plenty sexy lingerie looks on the runways over the years. Keep scrolling through the gallery to see photos of Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and more models showing off lingerie while modeling on the runway!


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