Lizzo is pretty unmatched in many things — she has a voice like no other, a personality that is so powerful, and her on-stage performance looks just don’t quit! Since coming onto the scene after the success of her wildly popular hit “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo has shown audiences exactly what she is capable of when she has a microphone in her hand! 

The stunner has performed around the world, from London to Italy and at home in the United States! With each new performance, Lizzo breaks out an even fiercer look than the last. The “Like A Girl” songstress loves to rock a leotard to show off her figure, which she is incredibly proud of! But from time to time, Lizzo will play in the dramatics and don a stunning, showstopping gown, too! 

But regardless of what she’s working on stage, fans always know they are in for an incredible show! To see more images of Lizzo’s most gorgeous performance looks of all time, check out the rest of the gallery!

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Originally posted 2022-08-26 18:43:04.