OP (Original Poster) basically left her sister homeless after she adamantly refused to help her care for her young son—all while she was freeloading off of her. Was her reaction over the top?

Caring Sister

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OP lives a happy and content life with her husband and five-year-old son. However, three months before this story was posted, they had to take in her 22-year-old sister, who’s currently in college, because of some issues she faced with her roommates.

The Family’s Schedule

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She then shared that her five-year-old son usually gets home around three in the afternoon. Since she and her husband work till five to six or sometimes a bit later, his babysitter waits for him to come home from school and watches him till either one of them arrives.

Sad News

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However, their babysitter recently told them she couldn’t come to watch their son anymore. She had a medical condition that needed treatment, so she couldn’t continue working for them.

The couple understood, and they wished her well.

The Dilemma

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Now, OP and her husband are faced with the dilemma of who will be taking care of their son while they are at work. Because OP’s sister didn’t have classes when they were at work, OP asked her sister if she could watch their son while they were looking for a replacement.

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

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Everything was working well for their household until this happened. When OP asked, her sister immediately refused to help them.

It didn’t help that OP’s sister seemed to be a freeloader. She didn’t have work, so she didn’t contribute to the household expenses; OP said that she only got money from their parents for her textbooks and some groceries.

Entitled Nonsense

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When asked for help, OP’s sister said babysitting wasn’t part of their agreement when she moved in. Her sister told OP that she should have said so earlier so she could find another place to live in.

It Doesn’t Stop There

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OP was trying to explain to her sister that the current situation was an emergency that was out of their hands. After all, they didn’t expect their son’s babysitter to get sick.

OP told her sister she would “prefer a 100 times to not be in this situation.” However, her sister can’t seem to understand their predicament.

Excuses, Excuses

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OP’s sister tried to find an excuse and told OP that even if she didn’t have classes, she still had to head to the library during that time to study. She even said that “babysitting would limit her hours of studying.”

No Room in the House for Her

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OP was understandably frustrated and angry at how her sister reacted. 

So, the argument ended, and OP pointed out, “I told her that we never ask anything from her; we helped her because we wanted to be kind to her, and yet she can’t even compromise to stay a few hours home just until we find a new babysitter. I ended up telling her she has a week to leave because we will not be providing food or a roof to a b*tch like her.”


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The problem OP has with her sister still isn’t solved. However, at least now, she wouldn’t have to think about who will watch her son.

She admitted that she had to take a few days off to find a replacement, resulting in a pay cut from her next salary. Thankfully, one of her son’s friend’s mom volunteered to care for him while they were at work; they would have to pick him up at their house after work.

Too Late for Your Apology

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After their fight, OP’s sister tried apologizing, but OP wouldn’t have it. She told her sister they couldn’t live with her now that she’s shown her true colors.

Taking Sides

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OP’s husband, in-laws, and friends all believe she did the right thing. However, she can’t say the same for her own family members, who think she’s an a**hole for kicking her sister out.

What Redditors Think

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Redditors think OP made the right choice in this situation.

One of the commenters said, “You were not asking her to babysit indefinitely, just literally to help out while you looked for an alternative. She was all fine and dandy with living with you for free while not contributing at all to the household, and the first time you asked her for temporary assistance with something, she made it clear that she had zero intention of helping out. You are under no obligation to help someone out who would not reciprocate when you need them.”

Helping Is a Two-Way Street

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Some even followed up with the fact that though her sister didn’t necessarily have to help OP, in the same way, OP didn’t necessarily have to help her sister out, too.

A person shared, “Does she have to help you? No. But you also don’t have to help her, and that’s how relationships work; you help each other when you need it because you care about the other person.”

Was She Overreacting?

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What do you think about how OP treated her sister? Do you think she did the right thing?

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