A woman asked the community if she was wrong to ask her boyfriend to pay for eating her leftover pizza. She has deleted her post on the thread since she’s been slammed for doing so!

Pizza Thief

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OP (Original Poster) is a 24-year-old woman with a live-in boyfriend. She said her boyfriend “stole” three slices of her leftover pizza from the fridge.

Pay Me Back

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It turns out that OP and her boyfriend had agreed to buy their own groceries and split their bill down the middle when they first moved in together.

Because of this, she considers what her boyfriend did to be stealing. So, she asked him to pay her back for the three slices he ate.

Laughing at Her Face

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It seems OP’s boyfriend thought she was joking. So, he laughed at her when she told him he had to pay for what he ate.

However, in her post, OP reiterated, “If we buy anything that’s meant to be used by the two of us, then we also split the cost.”

Eating Dinner Alone

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OP then explained that she worked a nine-to-five job while her boyfriend’s work demanded him to “work after hours every day.” Because of this, she typically eats dinner alone.

Buying Her Pizza

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To explain what had transpired, OP said that she wanted to have some pizza one night. Of course, the pizza shop doesn’t sell pizzas by the slice, and she had to order a whole one.

She said, “I eat dinner alone every weekday, and so I ordered a pizza for myself last week. They don’t have individual pizzas, only regular-sized ones, so I couldn’t finish all of it.”

Three Slices Left

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She put the three slices she couldn’t eat in the fridge but found they were missing the next day. OP waited for her boyfriend to wake up and confronted him about it.

She shared, “I waited until my boyfriend woke up and asked him if he ate it. He said he did, so I asked him to pay me back for half of the pizza.”

You Had No Right to Eat It!

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When her boyfriend laughed at her, she got mad.

OP said, “I told him I was serious. I bought that for myself; he had no right to eat it.’

Being Selfish Versus Stealing

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Upon understanding how serious OP was, her boyfriend called her out for being “selfish.” However, OP didn’t think the same way.

Instead, she believed that her boyfriend had stolen from her! She also told him that what he did was against their agreement when they moved in together.

The Community’s Mixed Reviews

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The story OP posted gained a lot of attention. Removing her post from the thread is also a clear sign of this!

Reviewing what the community has to say, everyone has different opinions on what OP did. However, for most, what she did was enough to get her shunned!

Being Stingy

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Many Redditors were appalled at how stingy OP was.

One said, “I’d understand if he ate the food you specifically prepared for yourself, but he ate the leftovers you didn’t even need since the portion was too big for you alone. It’s three pizza slices; get a grip. It’s not a big deal. I understand splitting the costs, but not to the point of tracking down every single thing he uses and counting the pennies. Stinginess is a very unattractive trait.”

That Was So Cheap of You!

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They also couldn’t believe OP couldn’t share three slices of leftover pizza with her boyfriend.

A user commented, “Why are you being so cheap? You guys are dating, and you’re making a huge deal out of a couple of slices of pizza. If you’re this cheap with your boyfriend, I’d hate to see how you are with other people.”

You’re Supposed to Be in a Partnership

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A woman also tried to help OP understand that a relationship is a partnership, and as much as she wanted it to be, it would never be 100% a 50/50 split.

She said, “You’re the a**hole, and hear me out because technically, in an exchange of goods, you are in the right. But you’re in a partnership, right? A partnership isn’t going to be exactly fair or exactly 50/50 all the time. I’m not saying we allow for long-term lopsidedness in fairness, but we’re talking about a few slices of pizza. If this is a problem for your partner to eat some of your pizza, outline the expectations in the future.”

You Both Made a Mistake

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At the same time, some people are saying both OP and her boyfriend were a**holes in this story.

One comment was, “Everyone sucks here. Him for not asking if it was okay to eat the rest of the pizza. You for making your partner pay for what he ate. Very nitpicky!”

Your Boyfriend Was Wrong, Too

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A few were also on OP’s side and said her boyfriend should have followed their agreement.

A man wrote, “He knowingly violated your agreement without discussion—he should pay you back for the pizza. I would be so upset if something I planned to eat was gone.”

You Should Still Reflect

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Even so, everything goes back to OP as the main a**hole in the story. One was even exasperated and said, “It was three slices. Who cares? Jesus.”

Then a woman pointed out, “You really need to pick your battles. If you’re going to be this petty for pizza, then you’re in for a wild ride of aggravation, frustration, and pain for the rest of your life with every single person you will ever meet.”

What’s Your Take?

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Who do you think was in the wrong? What would you tell OP?

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