This woman seeks advice from Redditors after arguing with her pregnant sister, who wanted her to give up her rooms. Was she too much for refusing to do so?

A Shared Home

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OP (Original Poster) and her sister live in the same house, which they inherited from their late parents. She also mentioned that they share equal ownership of the house, which is made up of a total of four bedrooms.

There was one master suite with its own bathroom and a walk-in closet. Then, the rest were rooms with “built-in robes.”

Agreement Between Sisters

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When they moved in, they both agreed that OP’s sister would have the master suite and OP would get the next two largest bedrooms. She said she’ll be using one of the rooms as her bedroom and the other as a gaming room.

Sharing a House With a Newborn

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OP said her sister’s boyfriend had been living with them for a while, and her sister recently shared she was pregnant. OP was not excited about the fact that she’ll be sharing a house with a newborn, but she accepted it.

She knew her sister had as much right to the house as she did.

A Nursery Room

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OP had expected that her soon-to-be-born niece or nephew would need a room, and she thought it was simply common sense for it to be the extra guest room. She mentioned that though it was the smallest room in the house, it was still as big as a standard bedroom.

Disagreements Between Sisters

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However, OP’s sister didn’t want the smallest room for her child. She insisted that OP move her stuff out of her game room so she could set up the baby’s nursery there.

I’m Taking That Room!

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OP told her sister she wouldn’t be doing that and reminded her that it was not their agreement. Then, her sister, in so many words, told her that she didn’t have a choice because they “would still need a guest room, especially with the baby coming as her boyfriend’s family will want to visit.”

Trying to Compromise

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OP told her sister that she could have her game room if she moved into her room and gave OP the master suite. Her sister immediately started crying and spouted excuses about why she deserved the biggest room.

OP shared, “She said that as a mother, she’s going to need her own space, and she deserves the master bedroom.”

What Do You Expect Me to Do?

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OP was getting frustrated and asked her sister what she expected her to do. Her sister told her to “just suck it up” and keep “all her crap” in her room.


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The sisters are at an impasse, and they can’t seem to get into an agreement. OP shared, “She keeps calling me a ‘huge b***h’ and says that I should let her have both the master bedroom and my gaming room because she ‘needs them more.’”

Sadly, her sister’s boyfriend also told her to “suck it up” since she doesn’t want children anyway.

Spoiled and Entitled

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On the other hand, OP’s girlfriend, who spends much time in their home, had OP’s back. She even told OP that her sister acted like a “spoiled, entitled little brat.”

Buying Her Out

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OP had already started thinking about buying her sister out. She mentioned she would be having a discussion with her about it soon.

Enough to Start Anew

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She also shared that her sister would not have enough money to fight her for the house because she used her inheritance to buy a “fancy Range Rover.” Her sister also couldn’t get a loan because she was only working part-time at Macca’s at the moment.

OP shared that the house was located in an expensive area and that her sister would get enough money from her to start anew. She said, “What she gets from me for her half will be enough for her to buy an average three-bedroom house in a cheaper area.”

What Redditors Think

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People don’t think OP was an a**hole for not wanting to give up her rooms. But they also advise her to think about things long-term.

A top comment was, “Not the a**hole about giving up your rooms, but I am very doubtful this living situation is going to last. She’s doing a slow takeover, and it will only get worse—especially if she has more kids.”

She’s Not Entitled to More Because She’s Pregnant

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Redditors also wanted to set things straight and called out OP’s sister for acting entitled.

A person shared, “Being pregnant doesn’t entitle her to start land grabbing and hoarding rooms for herself and baby and boyfriend. If she wants more than 50% of the house, then she can offer you financial compensation for it—there are multiple forms that you could take—or you could buy her out, and she can scram.”

What Do You Think She Should Do?

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Should OP sell the house or buy her sister out? What other suggestions do you have for her?

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