This stepmom lost her cool after her stepdaughter yelled at her baby. She kicked her out of the car but explained she loved her as her own, yet Redditors feel there’s a much bigger issue!

Complicated Family Dynamics

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OP (Original Poster) is a 30-year-old with a newborn baby. She’s married to a 45-year-old man, and they’ve been together for 6 years.

She also mentioned that she has a 19-year-old stepdaughter she loves like her own child. However, she doesn’t like her mother and thinks her stepdaughter makes her relationship with her husband hard.

Living Situation

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OP says that her stepdaughter lives with them. Based on OP’s post, she is not a freeloader.

She doesn’t go to school but works most of the week with seven-hour shifts.

Necessary Contributions

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Being an adult with her own income, OP asked her to contribute so she could help out around the house. As per OP, she charges her around $325 a month, depending on their bills.

Stepdaughter’s Income

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OP then says they “allow” her to keep the rest of her income so she can use it for whatever she wants.

Issues With the Toiletries and Tissue Paper

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OP also got a bit detailed with their spending. She said that a pack of toilet paper costs around $15 in their area and that it would last them 2 weeks before her stepdaughter moved in.

Now, though, it would only last them five days. So, OP took it upon herself to tell her stepdaughter that she would have to buy her own toilet paper and extra snacks; her stepdaughter adhered to her rules.

A Messy Housemate

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OP also adds that she thinks her stepdaughter isn’t a good housemate. She said she’s messy and never cleans up after herself.

A Tired Outburst

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The day the story was posted, OP was picking her stepdaughter up from the gym. Babies being babies, her newborn was screaming and crying.

Then, her stepdaughter reached back, snapped her fingers, and yelled at OP’s baby. She yelled, “Shut up! I’m tired!”

A Shocked Mom

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OP was shocked at how her stepdaughter treated her child. She told her to watch the way she speaks to her baby.

Her stepdaughter then explained that her baby’s crying was overwhelming her. She was sleep-deprived and frustrated, and it was getting to her.

No Apology and Its Consequences

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OP was mad and frustrated because her stepdaughter didn’t even apologize. She pulled over and told her stepdaughter she needed to walk home instead.

The minute OP got home, she texted her stepdaughter and told her to leave their house if she didn’t agree with how she ran her household.

What the Reddit Community Says

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Most Redditors say OP was not an a**hole for kicking her stepdaughter out of the car. One person said, “I don’t even like children, and yet I would never snap at my fingers and yell at a baby—regardless of how annoying those ear-piercing cries can be.”

However, he also followed up with, “Not gonna lie—the rest of your post just rubs me wrong. You say, ‘She makes our relationship hard with the things she does,’ and yet, she works, she pays rent, and it sounds like she has addressed other matters you’ve brought to her attention, like paying for her own tissues, toiletries, and snacks.”

Trying to Sway Opinions

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Many brought up that OP mentioned several things that would put her stepdaughter in a bad light, even though she explicitly said that she loved her like her own child.

One Redditor said, “I have a feeling you were trying to set us up to dislike her in hopes we’d automatically take your side.” And another added, “‘We allow her to keep the rest of her income’—like, what the f**k, it’s her own money; and, ‘I love her like my own’—OP is literally 11 years older than the stepdaughter; this dynamic is odd.”

Grow Up!

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Even though people believe it was immature for her stepdaughter to yell at a baby, they think OP was much more immature in how she handled things.

A great point raised was, “You’re a young woman married to a much older man with a teenage child. She is nearer your age than your husband is, and it shows; you have a lot of growing up to do.”

Who Do You Think Is in the Wrong?

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Do you think both parties did something wrong? Who is more immature in this scenario?

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