This Redditor’s niece called her daughter a thief when she wasn’t. Because of how mad she was, she banned her from their house, but her siblings don’t think she made the right decision.

Meet the Family

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OP (Original Poster) is a mom in her 40s. Her husband is also in his 40s, and they have a 15-year-old daughter named Laura.

She also has a 26-year-old niece, Kelly.

Family Bond

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OP said she had a close bond with her siblings and their children. However, she has grown distant from Kelly recently since she moved to another city around three hours away.

Bringing People Closer Together

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However, holidays certainly have a way of bringing people closer together, as Kelly has been around more recently. Because of the festivities, OP hosted a family dinner a few days before this story was posted.

Kelly came along for dinner with the family.

The Day After

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The day after the dinner, OP receives a call from an angry Kelly. She tells OP that her daughter, Laura, had stolen her AirPods.

Explain Yourself

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Rattled by what she heard, OP asked Kelly to explain what she was talking about. Kelly then said that she left her AirPods in her handbag, which she left on the dining table.

Then, she said that Laura was “acting suspicious” and “being guilty.” Based on the story, Kelly didn’t provide any other evidence apart from what she seemingly observed.

Family Drama

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After hearing Kelly’s side, OP thought about what had transpired over dinner. She mentioned that she didn’t notice anything, but there were also some things they discussed over dinner that didn’t allow her to pay much attention.

Checking for Facts

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OP told Kelly that she would first talk to Laura about the issue and then call her back.

Face-To-Face Talks

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OP didn’t waste any time and immediately talked to her daughter. However, Laura strongly denied doing anything of the sort.

She said she didn’t go anywhere near Kelly’s handbag. Laura also mentioned she had no motive to do so, as she had her own headphones.

Motherly Instincts

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After talking, OP was inclined to believe her daughter—not just because she’s her mom. Instead, she mentioned that she could usually tell when Laura was lying.

Also, Laura never stole anything before. She knew she might sound biased, but as her mother, she knew Laura very well.

She Didn’t Steal Anything!

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A few hours after their conversation, OP called Kelly back. She explained that she had talked to Laura and was sure she never stole anything.

You Should Replace It!

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However, Kelly didn’t believe that Laura didn’t steal her AirPods. So, she started yelling at OP and said she and her husband should replace something their daughter stole.

Comforting Words

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Even though she was yelled at, OP tried to remain calm. She even tried comforting Kelly by telling her she was sure the AirPods would turn up.

Damaging Statements

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Sadly, Kelly didn’t accept that. Instead of moving on, she started telling their extended family about how Laura stole her AirPods and how OP and her husband were enabling her bad behavior.

Kelly told everyone that Laura was a liar and a thief!

Mystery Solved

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A day after the whole fiasco, OP received a text from Kelly. In her message, Kelly says that she found her AirPods.

Apparently, they were in her car the whole time.

Not Funny

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Kelly was trying to make everything seem like a joke. She tried to pass off what she did as something funny.

However, OP cannot accept that her daughter was labeled a thief and a liar so easily by someone at fault.


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Even though the truth has already been revealed, OP wouldn’t let go of the issue because of the accusations hurtled toward her daughter.

Because of what happened, OP told Kelly she was no longer welcome in their home.

Does She Have the Right to Be Upset?

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Kelly got upset with the ban that OP enforced. She told OP that she was trying to cut her off from the rest of her family.

Rift in the Family

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Banning her niece from her home caused her siblings to turn on her. They’re all mad at OP and told her she was bullying her niece.

You’re Not Overreacting

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Even though OP’s siblings think she did the wrong thing, the Reddit community believes it was right for her to put her niece in line.

Your Family Needs to Reflect

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For the community, her niece and her siblings must reflect on what they just did and said.

A top commenter said, “She just automatically went for the jugular without any proof. She should be embarrassed, and the family members letting her behavior slide are a**holes as well.”

Irresponsible Adult

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Given that OP’s niece was already an adult, they find it appalling that she could accuse a minor—let alone a family member—so brutally.

A person stated, “She had no right to ask for replacement or slander your daughter without any proof. She is a careless, irresponsible, and untrustworthy adult and not safe to be around at all for your kid.”

Accusations Are No Joke

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Accusing someone of being a thief or a liar is a big thing you should never pass off as a joke. Before you do anything similar, make sure you have the facts straight and, more importantly, you have concrete evidence.

What do you have to say about Kelly’s actions? Do you stand by OP’s decision, too?

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