This Redditor acted childish when she caused an accident to happen! Then, her boyfriend got blamed for her silly mistakes, and she did nothing about it; now it seems her boyfriend broke up with her!

Date Night

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OP (Original Poster) has a kind and considerate boyfriend who took her out to dinner because of the long week they both had.

Can We Get Dessert?

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After a full meal, the couple drove home. However, OP still wanted dessert, so she asked her boyfriend if they could stop somewhere to have some.

OP’s boyfriend laughed it off and said something like, “Haha, didn’t we just eat?” Then, he kept on driving.

Pushy Girlfriend

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OP acknowledges she was selfish about things and pushed her boyfriend further. She said, “C’mon, please? I want something sweet.”

Her boyfriend then gives in and tells her they’ll eat some ice cream when they get home.

Not Enough

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Ice cream at home wasn’t enough for OP; she wanted to get something on the way.

So, she said she kept on pushing and pushing and pushing her boyfriend to stop somewhere. Her boyfriend was patient with her, even with how childish she acted, but he was firm and said no.

Dumb Mistakes

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OP was going to give up, but when she saw they were approaching a fast food chain, she jokingly pulled on the wheel while her boyfriend was driving.

However, she pulled harder than she thought, and they swerved and hit another car!

Damaged Car and Confrontations

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OP also shared that her boyfriend’s car was new, adding salt to the wound. To make things worse, she saw the other car’s driver motioning them to head to the parking lot to talk.

State of the Cars

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The moment they reached the parking lot, the other driver and his boyfriend exited their cars. The cars had little to no damage, but the other driver wasn’t simply letting things go.

Punished for Something He Didn’t Do

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The other driver started cussing out her boyfriend and saying nasty things about him.

What made matters worse was that OP never—not even once—stepped out of the car to interject and explain what she did. She sat prettily in the car while her boyfriend was getting all the punishment for what she did.

Boiling Mad

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After her boyfriend’s confrontation with the other driver, he returned to the car and started driving again. OP noted that he was gripping the steering wheel so hard that she could see the veins in his arms popping out.

She also said his face was red, and he wasn’t talking to her.

Trying to Break the Tension

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To ease the air, OP tried to make a joke and said, “Well, that could’ve gone a lot worse.” However, her boyfriend did not seem to find it amusing.

The moment she said that, he hit the brakes and told her to get out in a tone she’s never heard him use before.

Angriest He’s Ever Been

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To OP, that was the angriest her boyfriend has ever been. They’d fought before, but it was never this intense, and she was never afraid of him.

This time, she was scared out of her mind of her boyfriend. She said it looked like he was doing his best—but struggling—not to hurt her.

Dark and Lonely Walk Home

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OP got out of the car, and the moment she did, her boyfriend sped off, leaving her alone. She was in a dark stretch of woods and had to walk for an hour before she got home.

Packed Up and Left

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When she reached the house, she noticed that all his stuff had been packed and they were nowhere in sight. He already left the house!

No Remorse?

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OP feels horrible for what she has done, especially since she can’t apologize to him. She said her boyfriend hasn’t responded to her messages and calls.

She also noted that they’d fought before because of her “childish quirks,” but it was the first time it got this bad. OP believes he has already broken up with her, and she no longer has a boyfriend.

Everyone’s Against Her

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Since the incident, OP feels like everyone around her is mad at her. She’s been receiving many messages from their friends saying, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Now she asks how she can apologize to him, especially when all their friends are taking his side.

What Redditors Think

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Most of the community was appalled by OP’s behavior. Some even noted that it wasn’t just childish; it was a dangerous thing that could have led to significant consequences.

One Redditor said, “You could have killed someone; you are fortunate you didn’t. You need to step back and analyze yourself. This isn’t ‘childish’ behavior. What makes you think grabbing a steering wheel is okay? You’re a grown-ass adult. You don’t apologize. You offer to pay to fix the damages and grow the hell up.”

How to Make Things Right

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A top comment also provides OP with a suggestion as to how she can try to fix things.

The comment goes, “Write him a letter and offer to pay the damage in full—to his and the other driver’s car. Acknowledge how dangerous, selfish, and irresponsible it was. That’s the one and only thing you can do, and you should do it regardless of whether you continue the relationship.”

They Are Not Childish Quirks

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Redditors also wanted to call her out for what she said were her “childish quirks.” People want her to change her ways so she can’t do further damage to anyone moving forward.

One said, “You don’t fix this. Leave him alone and learn the lesson. Your ‘childish quirks’ aren’t cute: they are immature and selfish.”

What Would You Do?

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How would you react if you were OP and her boyfriend’s friends? What would you do to wake OP up to reality?

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