This Redditor is caught up in a messy family situation when she discovers she’d be inheriting most of his uncle’s fortune. Why would he put her on his will when he had his own kids?

Meet OP and Her Complicated Family

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OP is a 26-year-old woman who is the only child of her mom and dad. She said her mom met her dad after she broke up with her uncle, Bob, who cheated on her mom with her aunt, Jane.

Bob and Jane were pressured into marriage by their parents when they discovered she was pregnant with OP’s cousin, Amelia. She said that Bob started cheating on her mom with Jane because her mom was waiting for marriage; OP’s grandparents were very religious and conservative.

Low Contact With Family

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OP then shared that her mom was devastated when she found out about what Bob and Jane did. Her mom also lessened her contact with OP’s grandparents because they pushed Jane and her mom to reconcile when Amelia was born.

Has She Moved On?

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Her mom then met her dad, and they got engaged. Per OP, it seemed like her mom had already moved on from Bob at this point because she invited their whole family to her wedding—including Bob Jr., their son.

Wanting to Be Part of the Entourage

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It seemed it wasn’t enough for Jane that they were invited to the wedding. Instead, she wanted her and her daughter, Amelia, to be part of the entourage.

OP shared, “Jane was bummed out that she couldn’t be a bridesmaid or that my mom made my god sister her flower girl instead of Amelia, and there was an argument.”

An Agreement Between Adults

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OP also shared that her mom, dad, Jane, Bob, and maternal grandparents sat down and talked before the wedding. During their discussion, OP’s mom said she was willing to have a relationship with them if, and only if, they never talked about the past ever again.

Facade of a Happy Family

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From then on, OP said that she grew up with her cousins, and they were never informed of the truth. She thought that they were one big, happy family.

Because of this, OP was surprised that her mom wasn’t in the least sympathetic when they found out that Bob was cheating on Jane multiple times with multiple women. OP shared, “They later divorced after Bob had gotten one of the flings pregnant.”

Keeping in Touch

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After the divorce, OP shared that Bob moved away but always sent her cards, presents, and messages—even when he barely saw his own children.

She also found out later that Bob paid for her college education so she won’t have any debts. But, on the flip side, he only helped his biological kids partially.

Reading His Will

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When Bob passed away, OP received a request from Bob’s lawyer asking her to come to his will’s reading. OP went, but only because she wanted to support her cousins.

She never expected that she would be getting almost everything! This was also when the secret of their family’s past came out, and it turns out that he never moved on from OP’s mom and always considered OP his own.

Messy Family Matters

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OP even had to take a DNA test to prove to her cousins and other family members that her mom never slept with Bob. During all the chaos, OP said that her cousins said some nasty things to her.

All or Nothing

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When people started to calm down, OP checked to see how much she would be getting and discovered that she’d get around $400,000. Then, she offered to give 50% to her cousins.

However, they adamantly refused and said they should get everything because they were his biological children! They even called her a “greedy witch” for offering just 50%.

He Did Leave Them Something

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To clarify some things, OP added an edit and said that her cousins weren’t left with nothing. She said Amelia got $20,000 and Bob Jr. got $10,000 and Bob’s car.

His other son received $10,000 and Bob’s other car. Then, his other daughter got ownership of Bob’s beach house.

Should She Give It Up?

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OP had already offered her cousins 50% of the money she would inherit. However, is she the a**hole for not wanting to give all the money to her uncle’s biological children?

What Redditors Think

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People believe that OP was already generous to even offer them 50%. They even said her cousins don’t deserve a dime from her inheritance.

A person said, “You were very generous in offering 50%. They didn’t like that offer, so now they get 0%.” Another also commented, “Don’t give them a dime. Bob’s money, Bob’s decision.”

Does It Weigh on Your Conscience?

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One Redditor also offered advice on how to proceed if she feels guilty about giving them nothing.

He said, “If it weighs on your conscience, then maybe 10% to 20% for them to split, but make everything formal with a lawyer. Agree to nothing and give nothing without in writing from a lawyer. You don’t communicate it; your lawyer does. If you aren’t willing to get a lawyer, then let it go. It’d be too messy otherwise.”

Do You Think She Did the Right Thing?

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Do you believe that OP had the right to keep the money to herself? What advice would you give her?

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