Family problems continued following this Redditor after she followed her dead husband’s wishes and saved the money he left for their kids.

Sudden Death

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A few years back, OP’s (Original Poster) husband suddenly passed away. She was left to care for their two kids, who were 12 and 15 then.

Facing the World Alone

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OP’s husband’s death was brutal for her, especially since he was a great husband and father who provided for them and cared for them well while he was still alive. To prove this point, OP mentioned that he even left money to help her raise the kids and give them an excellent education.

Rightful Allocations

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She mentioned that her husband was particular about how the money would be distributed. OP said he left 80% for her to use to raise the kids, and then the remaining 20% would be split evenly by their children when they turned 18.

Not Enough

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Even with the money her husband left her, OP had to work two jobs to ensure she kept their family afloat. It was the only way for them to maintain their lifestyle when her husband was still alive.

Here Comes the Selfish Mother-In-Law

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Sadly, it seems her mother-in-law’s greed and selfishness couldn’t wait. On the day of her husband’s funeral, her mother-in-law approached her, and she instructed OP to sign over the rights to her husband’s money to her.

However, she disagreed since his husband left the money for their kids.

Right as a Mother?

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Her mother-in-law was furious at her decision. She said she deserved to get all his son’s money since she was his mother.

Backstabbing Family and Friends

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Unfortunately, most of her husband’s family and friends sided with her mother-in-law. They all disagreed with her decision and called her a selfish woman.

Cutting off Contact

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Because of everything that transpired, OP’s husband’s friends and family had cut off contact with her and their kids. They haven’t spoken in over two years.

True Colors Shining Through

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Years after her husband passed away, her mother-in-law and her husband’s other family members and friends have not stopped trying to get a hold of his money. They have started several foundations hoping to collect the inheritance for their personal agendas.

Misusing His Legacy

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To make matters worse, OP mentioned that they use his name for logos and other merchandise.

Sad Situation

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Through all this, their children have yet to receive a single cent of their inheritance.

Fraud in Disguise

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OP might not see things in a bigger picture because she’s in the middle of all the chaos. However, many Redditors believe what her mother-in-law and the others are doing is fraud.

One person says, “I would report them if they are collecting money for your children if you haven’t received any of it. That’s fraud.”

Husband’s True Intentions

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Many also say that her husband 100% wanted to save money for raising his children and giving them a chance at studying at good schools. It was not his intention to leave his money for his mother or his other family or friends, for that matter.

As this Redditor said, “If your husband wanted his mother to have the money, he would have left it to her.”

Horrible People and Agendas

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Following this, people were also appalled by OP’s husband’s mother and his friends. If we review what OP said about them, they’re trying to profit through their loved one’s death.

Moreover, they are implicating his beloved people—his wife and children.

Money Brings Out the Worst in People

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Though there are many vices in this world, money is one of the things that brings out the worst in people. The greed inherent in everyone allows people like OP’s mother-in-law to exist.

What would you have done? Would you give OP’s mother-in-law and her husband’s friends a piece of your mind?

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