This Reddit user expressed her frustrations online when a grown man refused to move to the next piece of equipment so she could use the machine for her one-minute circuit workout!

Getting to Know a Gym Rat

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OP (Original Poster) is a 35-year-old female who recently joined a new gym in her neighborhood. She picked this one out of all her options as it had a circuit area.

She just wanted something familiar while she was getting settled in.

What Is a Circuit Workout?

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Doing a circuit workout means exercising on a particular piece of machine for precisely one minute before moving on to the next one. Because of how specific this type of workout is, there was a designated area specifically for people doing this kind of exercise.

Specifically-Designed Part of the Gym

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The circuit area of a gym is usually separate and different from the rest of the gym. Everywhere you look, signs are posted, timers are on the wall, and the rules for using the area are posted for everyone to see.

The main thing to remember is the rule that the time limit for each machine is one minute.

Shared Pieces of Equipment

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Though there’s a specific area of the gym for circuit workout goers, the machines themselves aren’t different from the rest of those at the gym. So, when the other machines were occupied, it was pretty normal for other people to use those in the circuit area.

When the circuit area is unoccupied, this is not an issue. It’s a regular practice.

Coinciding Timelines

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However, when someone is working out in the circuit area, it’s an unspoken rule for those not doing a circuit workout to move out of the way. It’s only fitting that they allow the others to complete their one-minute exercise on each machine.

People Not Paying Attention

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Though it’s common practice, some gym goers are unaware of the rules. In these cases, OP has had to step in and inform people of the rules and ask them to move.

It’s happened a few times, but OP hasn’t experienced any issues. People usually understood the rules and moved out of the way to let her continue her exercise.

Meeting the Burly Grown Man

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One day, during one of OP’s gym days, she came across a grown man using one of the machines in the middle of the circuit area.

Being Considerate

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Trying to be considerate, OP skipped that machine and used the rest of the machines in the circuit. She thought the man would realize she needed to use the machine and would be done with it after she used the others.

Taking His Sweet Time

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After five to six minutes of using the other machines, OP checked to see if the man was done with the last machine she had to use. She glanced in his direction to see if the equipment had been freed up, but it was not.

Expressing Her Frustrations

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It was the last workout machine OP had to use in the circuit. So, she approached the man and asked him if he could let her use the machine for just one minute so she could finish up.

Unfortunately, the man disagreed.

Trying to Make Things Clear

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Because he didn’t want to move, OP explained the rules to him. She told him that he wasn’t in the regular workout area; instead, he was in the circuit area.

She reiterated that she only needed that one piece of equipment to finish her workout. Sadly, he said no once again.

Getting Riled Up

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At this point, OP was annoyed at the inconsiderate man. So, she pointed out the rules to him again and pointed to the timer. This time, the man also got mad and started yelling at her.

Not the Way to Treat a Lady

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The man OP was talking to yelled and told her he had been a gym member for years. He said a newbie member like her couldn’t tell him what he could and could not use in the gym.

He calls her nasty and insulting names that OP doesn’t want to repeat.

Calling For Help

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After the confrontation, OP approached a staff member and asked for help. The staff member approached the man and told him he had to move away from the equipment.

Problem Solved?

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Eventually, the man left the area, allowing OP to finish her workout. She used the machine for exactly one minute—the time allotted—and left the gym.

Shaking With Discomfort

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Though she finally solved her dilemma in the gym, she was shaking at the thought of being screamed at by a grown man in a gym—a public place.

Sending In Her Complaints

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When she went home, she emailed the gym’s management and explained what had happened and how she felt about everything. Thankfully, they replied and told her they would revoke the man’s gym membership.

OP said the management team reviewed the CCTV footage and saw what happened.

Opinions From Fellow Gym Rats

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Though OP was pretty shaken, her other gym friends believed she was an a**hole for getting the man’s gym membership revoked, especially since it was just because of a one-minute workout.

OP is confused and doesn’t know what to feel about everything.

Is She Really at Fault?

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OP further explained that she feels like an a**hole for complaining to management about what happened. However, most Redditors think otherwise.

The True Reason

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A top commenter said, “First of all, it wasn’t over one minute of workout. It was over him screaming at you and calling you names.”

He also said it wasn’t OP’s fault that the man’s membership got revoked. After all, it was a decision made by the management team; she hadn’t asked them to cancel it.

Not Good for Business

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One person backed this up and said, “No gym owner wants a single guy who chooses to cause a scene and scare away other gym members.”

This is a great comment to remember. Who would want to go to a gym where you feel uncomfortable and disrespected?

It’s a Long Time Coming

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Some believed that OP’s complaint wasn’t the only reason the man’s membership got revoked. Looking deeper into things, it could be that the management team was already having trouble with him but was waiting for a concrete excuse to kick him out.

OP’s complaint was the perfect last piece of the puzzle; it was the last straw!

Have You Experienced Anything Similar?

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A gym being a public space means you interact with many strangers. Some have the same morals and values as you, but many don’t.

Have you ever encountered or experienced anything remotely close to what OP had? If so, what would you say if you were in her shoes?

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