TRX Bands
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The TRX System, also known as Total Resistance Exercises, is a specialized form of suspension training that consists of body-weight movements using durable bands. The long bands, which make up the TRX equipment, were developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick — therefore, resistance exercises are the real deal. If you’re committed to your health and wellness journey for summer, this TRX Suspension Training System is for you. At just $170, you can elevate your workouts and transform your body!
Get the TRX Suspension Training System for $169.

TRX’s best-selling set includes a suspension training strap, indoor/outdoor anchors, a 35-page workout guide with two bonus workouts, and the TRX app for free. The portable anchors allow you to tone or build muscle anywhere, at any time. And, since TRX consists of body-weight movements with no equipment, this style of training is customizable and fits all skill levels — beginners, pro athletes, runners, yogis, cyclists, cross-trainers, service members, combat athletes, and more! When it comes to the TRX way, intimidation isn’t a factor.

TRX Bands

Movement-based training is the cornerstone of TRX’s training philosophy, which starts with the 7 simple foundational moves: push, pull, plank, squat, lunge, hinge, and rotate. After mastering these, you’ll be able to develop limitless variations of workouts to strengthen your core, arms, legs, butt, and back — all while progressing at your own speed. Other benefits of TRX training include increased flexibility and muscle endurance. 

TRX Bands

As for how it works? — TRX bands can easily be secured to doors, rafters or beams, at home, or anywhere outdoors where there are trees, poles, or posts. So, there’s really no excuse as to why you can’t find a location to work out. Additionally, the TRX system is easy to travel with, store, and carry, as it weighs roughly one pound. Also, it’s been safety-tested to support up to 350 pounds of resistance. — All you have to do is use gravity and your body weight to transform into your fittest self. 

TRX bands

If you find yourself becoming obsessed with TRX, the company offers three different suspension trainers designed to meet the needs of any training goal. With the purchase of any trainer, via the TRX website, you’ll receive one free year on the TRX app, free downloadable workouts, a TRX protection plan, and a 5-year limited replacement warranty. There are also a number of education courses you can take to become a TRX pro! Additionally, TRX provides installation videos on its website so you can follow along at home.

What you’re not getting with TRX is bulky weights, heavy machines, or a pricey gym membership fee. Not to mention, it’s made for on-the-go training and isolated workouts, so you can stay home or be socially distanced from others while you work out. 

Kickstart your year on a strong note by getting yourself a TRX training system! It even makes for a great gift to give to a pal or that special someone in your life. Athletes and celebrities alike continue to rave over the convenience and benefits of TRX bands. If you’re still not sold, these testimonials from satisfied customers should do the trick!

“I am all about effective workouts that don’t take to much of my time however bring results. This product is good for strength training at home, on vacation or at the office,” one customer wrote in the review section. “I like how easy it is to adjust the straps. I feel safe working out with this product. I love how The system doesn’t take that much room and makes working out fun again,” the customer shared.

One travel-buff had this to say after purchasing TRX: “I was looking for exercise equipment that wouldn’t take too much space in the home and that I could easily take with me while traveling. The TRX is ideal. It’s so versatile that you can pretty much do most exercises with it and it’s so light but strong that you can slip it back into the TRX bag and throw it in the suitcase.”


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