We know what some may be thinking, “Why on earth would I need a heated jacket?” But, when you really think about it, there are countless reasons why this SUKEER jacket will become your best friend. Since it comes in sizes small-XXL, there’s a jacket for everyone – the youngsters who love to play winter sports (or the ones who just love a good snowball fight), the outdoor runner who’s trying to hit a new PR, or the motorcycle lover who just wants to ride in the winter! Listen, if this heated jacket isn’t for you, there’s definitely someone on your Christmas shopping list that would love it! Did we mention that it can also be worn inside?


Let’s talk about the design behind this SUKEER heated jacket. It has smart heating panels on the left and right abdomen and mid-back that contain five carbon fiber heating elements to generate heat across the body. Additionally, the jacket carbon fiber wire heater (imported from Japan) is insulated and safe.


How does it work? This electric jacket has a visible and easy-to-reach power button on the upper left area of the jacket. It contains three simple heating settings (high, medium, low) so you can easily customize your level of comfort. There’s a convenient smart auto-jump button that quickly lowers the temperature, if needed. Please note that batteries are not included with this heated jacket.  

Customers continue to rave over this specific jacket because of its safety design. It includes a built-in thermal protection module, so that if the jacket overheats it will immediately stop and return to its standard temperature. Additionally, this jacket contains a rechargeable pack that should be removed before washing.  

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s discuss this jacket’s comfortable, lightweight materials. Its high collar helps protect your neck from the cold and it isn’t too bulky so you can move with ease. Not to mention, this heated jacket will allow you to leave added winter layers at home. It features a full zipper front and its sides are made of high stretch fabric with zippers to adjust the sizing to fit your body shape/type. Additionally, this top-rated heated jacket is made of cashmere velvet, it’s skin-friendly and breathable.   


“This jacket has given me so much of hope,” one customer, who noted that he can now ride his motorcycle in the winter, shared in a glowing review. “It heats up almost instantly… I never felt any wires or hard areas when I have the jacket on. It is so soft and comfortable,” the customer continued, adding that “the design is so user friendly.”

Another customer, who gifted this heated jacket to his wife, shared, “She is a petite woman who is always cold… She loves it! [The] adjustable side zippers to wear a hoodie under it were a big plus,” the customer wrote, noting, “[I’ll] be buying more of these… Impossible for a guy to buy women’s clothes they like, however, I hit a grand slam here!”


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