Siva Kaneswaran and Mollie Gallagher were voted out of Dancing On Ice during Sunday night’s semi-final in a brutal double elimination.

The final five celebrities took to the ice with their professional partners to perform a Solo Skate and a Personal Skate, with each star choosing a song which meant something important to them for the latter routine.

After an eventful and emotional episode, the first couple announced to be going through to the final next week was former Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson and his professional partner Olivia Smart, with former RuPaul‘s Drag Race UK star The Vivienne and skater Colin Grafton being announced next.

Coronation Street actress Mollie Gallagher and Sylvain Longchambon were the first couple to perform in the dance off, followed by The Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran and his partner Klabera Komini, and reality star Joey Essex and skate partner Vanessa Bauer.

Congrats to all of you for making it to the semi-final of Dancing On Ice but I have to save one couple and I’m going to save Joey and Vanessa.

End of the road: Siva Kaneswaran (pictured) and Mollie Gallagher were voted out of Dancing On Ice during Sunday night's semi-final in a brutal double elimination

End of the road: Siva Kaneswaran (pictured) and Mollie Gallagher were voted out of Dancing On Ice during Sunday night’s semi-final in a brutal double elimination

Born to perform: The final five celebrities took to the ice with their professional partners to perform a Solo Skate and a Personal Skate (Mollie Gallagher and her professional partner Sylvain Longchambon pictured)

Born to perform: The final five celebrities took to the ice with their professional partners to perform a Solo Skate and a Personal Skate (Mollie Gallagher and her professional partner Sylvain Longchambon pictured)

Saying she was voting for the couple with the most difficulty and most stable, Oti saved Joey and Vanessa.

Jayne also chose to save Joey and Vanessa, deciding the vote, with Chris saying he would have chose the same.

Mollie said: ‘Honestly, it’s truly been the best experience. It’s everything I thought I couldn’t do… Sylvain has been the most patient and talented person.’

Siva said: ‘It’s been great… I’ve done everything I’ve aimed to do… I’ve celebrated my family, Tom.’

The celebrities took to the ice for a solo skate for the first time this series, with former The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex, 32, being the first star to perform.

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star The Vivienne, 30, Coronation Street actress Mollie Gallagher, 24, stunned in a black sequinned dresses as they took to the rink.

They were joined by The Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran, 33, former The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex, 32, and olympic gymnast Nile Wilson, 26, with the boys wearing black and white dinner jackets and smart black trousers.

They performed without their professional parters to Paul McCartney’s song Live and Let Die from the 1973 James Bond film of the same name. 

The routine got off to a good start until The Vivienne crashed to the ice as she attempted a jump, landing on her knees.

She quickly climbed back onto her feet to continue the routine and seemed in good spirits while talking about the mishap to show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The Vivienne said: ‘My knees are hurting a little bit but I’m fine. We’re dancing on ice. Things happen.’

Phillip chimed in: ‘That’s live skating for you.’

Giving the panel’s feedback, head judge Christopher Dean revealed The Vivienne had placed last due to her stumble, receiving only one point. 

Molly was given two points by the judges, while Siva received three, Joey got four and Nile won the solo routine with five points.

Nile said: ‘I just want to say how proud I am of everyone here… The performance we just put on there is something I will remember forever.’ 

Sportsman Nile was the first to take to the rink for his Personal Skate, performing to Shawn Mendes hit In My Blood.

Explaining his reason for choosing the track, he explained how he sunk into a deep depression when he was forced into retirement after suffering an injury. 

He said: ‘Gymnastics has been my life and it has been as long as I can remember. It’s a proud thing to say I won an Olympic medal. It’s the best euphoria anyone can feel.’

He went on to say he was forced into retirement when he needed neck surgery, and went on to deal with his resulting depression by partying, drinking and gambling.

He thanked his family for their support, with his father saying: ‘I’m really, really proud of how Nile has thrown himself into Dancing On Ice back. It’s like getting our son back.’

Nile impressed the judges with his dance, with Ashley Banjo, Oti Mabuse, Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean all awarding him a maximum of 10 points each. 

Actress Mollie chose to skate to My Immortal by Evanescence, saying she listened to it while filming the 

Sophie Lancaster was attacked by a group of young people because of how she looked. She later died

‘This performance, it’s for everybody out there for feels like they don’t fit in and I’m just proud to do it for everyone that feels that way.’

Mollie looked stunning in a black mini dress with a pleated mesh skirt and buckles and silver studs across the top as she skated with her professional partner Sylvain Longchambon.

Giving their scores, each judge awarded 8.5, with Ashley saying: ‘It was your highest score of the series and I hope you’re really proud of it because you’ve grown in confidence to someone who wouldn’t let fo of Sylvain.’

The Wanted singer Siva was next to take to the rink, with the singer speaking out on the emotional reason he chose to sing his late bandmate Tom Parker’s version of Gold Forever

He explained: ‘We were like brothers. You can’t not be when you’re in a band travelling the world.

‘In 2020 Tom got diagnosed with brain cancer… When Tom was in the hospice, he had a lot of family and friends around him. We kept him laughing right to the end.’

Getting tearful, he added: ‘I never found the words to figure out how I feel about him not being around. It’s really hard. I miss him a lot.

‘Tom sings the first line of the song so it’s going to be really hard to hear his voice.

‘I learned from being around Tom to use the hurt to do something positive. He used the brain cancer to raise so much awareness and that was the most inspiring thing I saw in my entire life.’

Each judge awarded Siva nine points, with the pop star saying after his performance: ‘I’m so happy that I get to celebrate Tom, Tom’s memory, and get to show people who Tom was.’

The Vivienne, real name James Williams, was next to take to the rink for her Personal Skate.

She chose a track that has meant a lot to her since her childhood after watching the 1939 musical film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland.

She explained: ‘For my personal song, I’m going to be skating to Over the Rainbow.

‘As a young boy I really fell in love with The Wizard of Oz because it just made me feel like anything was possible.

‘I knew I was different but I didn’t know what it was but seeing Dorothy who knew there was a bigger world out there than Kansas definitely struck something with me.’

The Vivienne, who is partnered with professional skater Colin Grafton on the show, went on to explain how it wasn’t until she moved out of Wales to a big city that she began to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Being around likeminded people enabled to grow into herself and embrace her authentic identity.

She said: ‘I came out at 14 and moved to Liverpool when I was 16 and quickly found my tribe.

‘It was a big sigh of relief that these people were exactly like me. And then I saw drag queens and thought “wow, I’m really in Oz now!”

‘It’s a crazy full circle from little seven year-old James dreaming of being Dorothy to now being able to portray this song on ice.

‘When people watch this performance, I hope that they are transported to this happy place and whatever they’re going through, just know that over the rainbow there is something fabulous waiting for you. And you’re a very special person who can get through anything.’

The Vivienne wore a dazzling pink and white mini dress which was adorned with shimmering sequins and jewels.

Drag queen The Vivienne was awarded 9.5 points by Ashley while the rest of the judges awarded 10 each.

The studio audience did not take too kindly to Ashley not awarded the maximum number of points but he insisted: ‘It is a good mark!’ 

Referring to recent protests around the world against drag story telling events for children, The Vivienne thanked the audience for their support, saying: ‘Especially at a time when drag is fully under attack. We’re nothing to be feared. We just want to have fun.’

The final celebrity of the night to perform was Joey Essex, who revealed he would be skating to High by Lighthouse Family. 

He explained: ‘I was a mummy’s boy. At the age of 10 my mum took her own life. I know she loved me, she loved my sister, she loved my dad.’

Breaking down into tears, Joey continued: ‘I remember when I was a kid and my family just wanted to get me away. I remember being in the car and looking out the window at the stars and hearing that song by the Lighthouse Family.

‘I think of little Joey sitting in the back of the car until now. My mum would be very proud of me. I know she’s looking down on me and she will be on Sunday night.’

The performance moved the panel to tears with each judge awarding Joey 9.5 points each.

Speaking of his performance with skating partner Vanessa Bauer, Joey said: ‘I did that for my mum but I also I did it for Vanessa. Vanessa lost her dad last year too… There’s light at the end of the tunnel.’



AGE: 50

PROFESSION: Actress and DJ

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I’ve turned it down before because I was terrified, but when I turned 50 I made a pact to get out of my confront zone. ‘


AGE: 28

PROFESSION: Love Island star 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I’ve got some amazing news to tell you. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get myself on the ice and skate. Stay tuned and see you on the ice.’


AGE: 24


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve not got the best coordination so when people find out they will laugh, but I don’t want to spend my life saying “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.”


AGE: 32 


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’m so excited. I wanted something in my life with structure and it’s more serious than what I usually do.’


AGE: 36

PROFESSION: Actress and West End star

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’m so excited that I get to learn how to dance…on ice! I’m terrified but can’t wait – I just want to make the most of this whole experience.’


AGE: 33


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I want to learn how to skate and make my family proud of me and put on a show for everyone to see.’


AGE: 60

PROFESSION: Former footballer and pundit 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I am definitely in it to win it.And this may be one of the scariest things I’ve ever signed up for but I couldn’t be more ready for the challenge!’


AGE: 26

PROFESSION: Olympic gymnast 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve not done much ice-skating but I am so excited for the opportunity. I’m so excited to get into that routine and to feel like an athlete again.’


AGE: 29

PROFESSION: Drag queen

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘To be the first drag artist to take part in one of the big UK reality competition shows is an honour and a big step forward for queer representation on TV.’



AGE: 34 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve got giant feet, I don’t skate and I can’t danceMy family has already made bets – they’re making bets that I’ll fall on the first episode!’ 


AGE: 43


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve always wanted to do it but I know I would never have been able to complete anything because of the way I was 18 months ago, so I’m really truly grateful that I’ve got it this year when I’m a lot stronger.’


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