What makes an US immigration software successful? What are law firms that are in the US immigration space really looking for? There is multiple software out there and yet there’s a need for more. Let’s try to debunk the top requirements of an immigration law firm in the US. The best immigration law firm software should offer:

  • Robust case management
  • Document management
  • Easy data capture 
  • Automatic notifications/alerts
  • Streamline immigration processes
  • Automated workflows
  • Secure data storage 


The Imagility Platform enables end-to-end immigration needs of Beneficiary, Petitioner and Attorney. It is not just another US immigration software online, that partly automates some tasks in the immigration workflow. The Imagility Platform provides a host of apps and tools to take care of all your immigration needs. It comprehensively helps beneficiaries, employers, and attorneys with navigating and managing the visa process through:

  • Visa assessment and consultation
  • Petition builder
  • RFE response builder
  • Workload and case management
  • Collaborations
  • Data and insight
  • Immigration trends, news, content and resources


Improving Workload using Imagility

Attorneys can build the key elements of the petition meticulously or use Imagility to experience a guided approach to building robust petitions. The Imagility Platform enables collaboration among all stakeholders and covers the immigration process end-to-end with intelligent tools and technology.

The Attorney Dashboard on the Imagility Platform and associated menus will help attorney firms manage their workload and cases. With Imagility scaling to meet large volumes, it will not be a challenge to manage multiple clients, without losing on core activities. Advantages of Imagility:

  • Since attorneys can automatically interface with beneficiaries, workload is divided, and tasks executed in shorter timelines.
  • The Imagility Platform’s guided approach to building petitions provides beneficiary support without utilizing more time. 
  • Intelligent recommendations to building key elements of the petition, expedites the whole process of petition building and reduces it to less than half the time.
  • Automatic notifications help faster communication without having to chase beneficiaries through calls and mails.
  • Imagility Platform is cloud based, handling heavy workloads smoothly, data accessibility possible anytime, anywhere.
  • Initial case management is quick, attorneys can look up cases anytime with scheduling ability and data storage.
  • Onboarding multiple users from the same attorney firm and associating different roles to users with granular data access.
    • Collaboration with peers and other stakeholders through the Imagility Platform. 
  • With the Imagility Platform attorney firms can create customized templates for cover letter and petition support letter before submitting the petitions.

Imagility is a cloud-based end-to-end immigration platform, with powerful and intelligent petition building, petition analysis and RFE response building features. It is a digital platform that supports the immigration process beyond case and practice management software services.

It supports different immigration visa types (H-1B, Green Card, I-140, L, E, O, TN) and want to do more for migrants chasing the American dream at different stages of their life, be it a student, professional, family or investor.

     Imagility balances the workload for Immigration Attorneys 

      Benefits of using Imagility

  • Effective visa Petition tracking and reducing workload by automating much of the work around the immigration process by reducing repetitive and added tasks.
  • Tool to build petitions and RFE responses at a fraction of the time by dynamically generating a well-positioned and accurate petition/RFE response.
  • Effective time and case management through collaborative work with beneficiaries and employers, digital file exchanges and timely notifications.
  • Extensible: The platform has extendable capabilities that can accommodate more visa types and features.

As a trusted advisor to the largest and best-known immigration practices, firms, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Imagility has embedded their legal expertise, industry knowledge and immigration best practices into the Imagility Platform.

Originally posted 2022-05-27 07:41:24.