One of the greatest and simplest methods to protect your investment is to store your fur! Your furs may be kept in a cool, dry place to avoid them accumulating dust, mildew, vermin, and, most critically, dry rot while in storage.

When your furs are kept in settings that are too warm and humid, such as your basement or closet, dry rot may develop. Because the epidermis has become weaker, fur that has gone through dry rot is more likely to tear or rip.

Professionals are limited in what they can do after furs have begun to dry rot and begin to shred. The simplest way to avoid this is to stay on top of yearly maintenance, which includes storing your furs and cleaning and glazing them.

Fur storage is critical if you want to preserve the value of your fur and keep it looking great year after year. Keeping the appearance and feel of your fur coat is made easier by using a professional storage service. Find out how it may help you and your fur piece by reading on.

Professional storage requires precise control of moisture levels. You don’t want the pelt to dry out, causing the coat’s hair to fall out, but you don’t want the humidity to be so high that mildew, odors, or other moisture concerns arise.

Fur coats are best kept between a humidity level of 45 and 55 percent. To ensure the safety of all the furs stored there, the humidity levels should be kept within this range at all times.

Keeping Natural Oils from Evaporating
Fur is smooth to the touch because it contains natural oils that keep it supple. A professional storage facility keeps the oils in fur from drying out, even after the owner has had the fur for years.

There is a risk that the fur may get too thin, which might lead to tearing. Because of this, the fur will also begin to lose its sheen.

Heat and Natural Light
It is important to keep fur coats from getting too hot and to let as much natural light in as possible. Coats that are kept in direct sunlight are prone to fading and drying out. Heat exposure might also cause it to dry out.

Keep these jackets out of direct sunlight and other sources of hot air. Fur storage doesn’t have this problem, but your house may have this problem if you store it for a short amount of time.

Keep the Coat’s Elegance and Features in Top Condition
A fur coat is an expensive investment, so you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. With the help of a professional storage service, you can make your coat last longer while keeping its beauty and warmth. Search for the best fur storage to achieve the conditions you want to preserve your coat in peak shape.

Professional storage facilities aim to keep your coat safe and sound. It’s critical to understand the right storage conditions before bringing your coat in. For a free storage consultation, visit a Maximilian near you or call 1-800-TLC-FURS.

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Originally posted 2022-06-09 10:28:06.