The Internet of Things: nonfiction, and actually happening. But what is it, and is it more than just a buzzword that really means very little when you break it down?

Well, no. It’s actually a very real phenomenon that is occurring around the world right now and which has vast implications for people all over the globe.

But what is it, and what does a sci-fi-reminiscent term like this have to do with plumbing parts suppliers, like TOTO Plumbing Equipment?

What Is the IoT?
The IoT is, as we have observed, the Internet of Things. What it refers to is the practice of integrating everyday products – even those not traditionally associated with technology – into the internet.

Cars, microwaves, homes’ HVAC systems, appliances, and much more all contain wireless technology that enables them to communicate with each other.

It makes sense that the IoT could be applied to something like, say, heating and cooling, allowing homeowners and business administrators to check up on and set temperatures remotely – but bathrooms? What does it have to do with them?

What Does This Have to Do with TOTO Plumbing Equipment?
TOTO Plumbing Equipment has been consistently innovating since its inception more than a century ago. It’s made headlines plenty of times in the past, mostly for its innovations and award-winning plumbing fixtures and parts.

This time, it’s making headlines for the IoT “Smart Restrooms” it has been instrumental in creating.

TOTO’s IoT Smart Restrooms, as they are called, integrate TOTO’s Touchless Commercial Fixtures with the IoT, allowing facility managers and maintenance teams to pinpoint failures, increase safety and hygiene, and enforce protocols – all through the cloud, and all remotely.

TOTO Plumbing Equipment, in partnership with Georgia Pacific and KOLO Smart Monitoring Systems, has created an IoT compatible washroom system that collects and transmits data from GP Pro and TOTO fixtures.

This data can be securely uploaded to, stored, and analyzed in the cloud, from which it is also remotely accessible to maintenance crews, administrators, and managers who have access to KOLOTM Mobile and Desktop Apps, which feature open architecture and can be easily integrated into a wide range of other systems.

Benefits of “Smart Restrooms”
TOTO Plumbing Equipment’s Smart Restrooms offer a wide range of benefits to maintenance, management, and more, including:

● The ability to create and monitor fixture usage heat maps.

● To plan for future upgrades, enhancements, and repairs.

● To alert staff to fixtures in need of service and repair.

● The optimize labor workflows and resource allocation.

● And much more.

Remote management and planning are the future of grounds maintenance and sanitation protocols, and TOTO Plumbing Equipment is paving the way for the future of these practices, as well as the next generation of plumbing fixtures.

Where Can You Get TOTO Plumbing Equipment Official Parts
Looking for official TOTO Plumbing Equipment fixtures and replacement parts? Get them at Quality Plumbing Supply, which carries a countless assortment of different professional plumbing parts as well as fixtures and equipment.

You can learn more about TOTO at or if you’re not sure what you need to complete or repair your system, you can get in touch with them at 1-833-251-4591.

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