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Even after acne is gone, the scars still show. Not every camera may pick them up, but you know where every blot and blemish on your face is — and we hear you. This snail-based essence soothes and rejuvenates your skin to give you a glow you never have to worry about.

Emily Ratajowski found this skin repair essence particularly helpful in combating her early-quarantine skin, which would explain why she looked so much better than the rest of us in 2020. This skincare essential will deeply moisturize and heal your skin for less than $20.

No snail has ever been this fast-acting

A bottle of COSRX mucin skin-repairer.

This skin repair serum keeps your skin from looking dull and gives it a natural, luminous glow without leaving any nasty residue. It soothes, hydrates and rejuvenates dry skin to improve vitality. The serum repairs dark spots, acne scars, cystic acne, redness, irritation and visible pores for elegant, healthy-looking skin.

This essence is 96.3% snail mucin, aka, “snail slime.” Don’t let that scare you away, because mucin is naturally nutritious and moisturizes deep into your skin. Other skin repair treatments overstimulate your pores while snail mucin essence is low-stimulating so you never have to worry about damaging your skin. 

One Amazon shopper called this skin serum “unbelievable” and “amazing.” They said, “It works wonders… Have only used for two weeks… acne scars fading and you can’t see my pores.” Most importantly, COSRX confirms their snail mucin is obtained safely and ethically from the snails’ favorite environment. A happy snail must mean happy skin, right?

This deeply moisturizing serum rejuvenates your skin using 100% natural ingredients that don’t linger after use. Just under $20 on Amazon, that illuminating, perfect skin of your dreams has never been more affordable. Repair scars, hydrate dry skin and stay ahead of your next acne outbreak with Emily Ratajowski’s skincare essential.

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Originally posted 2022-07-13 01:49:54.