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When it comes to makeup, nothing looks better than a lived-in eyeliner look. It’s subtle, natural, and still manages to draw attention to the eyes. But how do you achieve this look? A recent eyeliner tutorial has been making the rounds on social media — we’re here to break down why it’s so popular and show you how you can recreate it with one simple product.

What’s the Technique?

The trick is fairly straightforward. First, take a black or brown pencil eyeliner and line your entire eye—from the bottom lash line to the crease including the waterline.

There’s no need to make this neat or even. After you’ve drawn the line all the way around your eye, wash your face with lukewarm water and massage your eye area gently with a wet cloth or cleansing pad. This will help remove some of the product from your lashes and crease while still leaving trace amounts in place for an effortless finish. You can also use a dampened cotton swab around the edges of your lash line if needed. The result? The ultimate no-makeup makeup look that anyone can do, no MUA skills required.


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Recreate the Look with Covergirl

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An Eyeliner Hack You’ll Love

Now that you know how to achieve the perfect lived-in eyeliner look, you can start experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you! Whether you choose this effortless hack or opt for something more complicated, the Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil can give you the desired result quickly and easily. So give it a try today — we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this hack!


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