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TikTok’s ‘older sister’ Tinx is sharing her wise words ahead of the new year, to help her millions of fans find confidence and self love in 2023. The beloved influencer spoke to HollywoodLife, in partnership with Galderma, in an EXCLUSIVE interview, where she dished on how “showing up for yourself” can transform your self-esteem. “Sometimes that notion of being your own best friend can sound silly, or it can sound like selfish, but what I really mean when I say that is be kind to yourself,” Tinx, whose real name is Christina Najjar, said to HL. “I think that especially as women, we’re so harsh on ourselves. We are literally our own worst critic and we’re so negative sometimes. The negative self talk that we allow is insane, right? It’s insane, and no one’s there to check us. No one’s there to say, ‘Hey, that’s really mean what you’re saying to yourself.’”

She continued, “I just want people to always gut check and be like, ‘Would you say what you’re saying to yourself to a best friend?’ And the answer is nine times out of 10, no way you would never say that. So, treat yourself like a best friend. Don’t be don’t be cruel. Don’t be harsh. Don’t be judgmental to yourself.”

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Tinx advised fans to “date themselves” and “do nice things for themselves” in the new year, explaining that it’s “all a loop.” “The nicer we are to ourselves, the more we will show up for ourselves, the higher our self esteem, the higher our confidence. And I really really do believe that,” she promised.

The social media star revealed a recent episode of her podcast, It’s Me, Tinx, covered the idea of ‘Dating Yourself’ and having fun on your own. “Treating yourself like a best friend and being like, you know what, I’m going to go get a manicure right now and then after that, I’m getting a peppermint mocha and going shopping!” Tinx explained. “Being kind to yourself as you would another person is just so important.”

Tinx at the Galderma Booth at SCOPE Miami Beach. (Courtesy of Galderma)

One way Tinx likes to practice some self-love is by getting Dysport and opening up about it with her fans and followers. In partnership with Galderma, she joined the brand at Art Basel at the Galderma booth at SCOPE Miami Beach, and gave out some awesome discounts on Galderma products, including Dysport. ” I am just all about transparency. I think that two things can be true at the same time, right? You can want to look and feel your best, but you can also put your hands up in the face of aging and say, ‘Not today!’ That’s why I just feel so lucky to be partnering with Dysport and Galderma, because it is something that just helps me feel confident,” she explained. Learn more about Dysport and Galderma brands here. 


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