Some prefer to carry pocket knives for EDC. others prefer multitools, like a Leather pocket knife, instead.

Either one works, as long as you have the skills to complement the tool. Anyone can tell you it can be seen as six of one and half a dozen of the other.

However, for you multitool guys out there, here are 10 good reasons to carry a Leatherman pocket knife instead of something else.

It has a knife
First and foremost, the thing has a knife built into it. You don’t need to go without a blade if you choose a Leatherman. You get a knife and much more – some of them even have a serrated knife or a combo blade.

Doesn’t look like a knife
We hate to say this but it happens to be unfortunately true. For some reason or other outside of our comprehension, some people are scared of knives, as though they have malicious minds of their own.

A Leatherman doesn’t look “scary” so you may be more comfortable carrying it in some places.

A Leatherman pocket knife will have other tools, too
On top of a knife blade, a Leatherman will have many other tools including pliers, wire cutters and strippers, a saw, a file, scissors, can and bottle openers, and potentially several different types of driver bits, plus a pocket clip of some sort to hang onto it.

It all depends on the model, but many are more specialized even than this.

They’re easy to carry
A Leatherman pocket knife doesn’t need a sheath, although some are compatible with them. You can just drop one in your pocket or your pack and you’re set to go.

Plus, just like many EDC pocket knives, Leatherman multi tools are light, ergonomic, and easy to take with you.

They’re lightweight
Honestly, one of the big arguments in favor of knives is that they’re lighter than multitools.

Well, yes, some of the time, but often the difference is negligible and in fact, Leatherman multitools are lighter than many pocket knives.

So, ultimately, this is a wash, and it’s not like Leatherman tools are heavy, objectively, anyway. Also, we’re not competing for “world-record, lightest cross-country pack,” here.

Leatherman uses premium materials in its construction
There’s no way around it, but Leatherman has been a well-respected brand for quite some time and makes its knives and tools for extremely high-end materials. Many of them are wear and corrosion-resistant, too.

More affordable than many knives, plus more versatile
Truth be told, even though Leatherman tools can be pretty pricy, they’re a lot more affordable than some high-end pocket knives. Zero Tolerance, ESEE, OKC, and others come to mind – and custom times are many, many times more expensive than those.

One Leatherman is worth 10 cheap fakes
This needs no explanation. Cheap multitools will break 10 times over before you reach the end of a Leatherman’s rope.

Because a Leatherman pocket knife can take what you can dish out
Also, Leatherman pocket knives are tough. You can beat them up, drop them, abuse them, and they’ll come up asking for more. They’re that good.

Always being prepared: You can’t put a price on that
Finally, carrying a useful tool increases your antifragility. Always be prepared, always carry a tool, whether it be a pocket knife or a Leatherman multitool.

Where can I get a Leatherman pocket knife?
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Originally posted 2022-06-02 08:59:32.