Zero Tolerance knives, (also known as ZT knives) which were originally produced for military and law enforcement personnel, are regarded as some of the best folding knives in the industry.

Zero Tolerance partners with experienced knife designers, such as Rick Hinderer, Ken Onion, RJ Martin, Todd Rexford, and Dmitry Sinkevich to produce high-end knives in unique profiles that are created using nothing but the most ultra-premium super steels and scale materials.

These are some of the best in their collection, as compiled from a collection of best-selling Zero Tolerance knives from White Mountain Knives.

ZT 0562
This framelock, designed by Rick Hinderer, features Hinderer’s “slicer grind” and is made with CPM-20CV steel, It’s available in multiple scale materials, such as titanium and carbon fiber.

It also features a KVT ball-bearing pivot, a flipper tab, a lockbar insert and an overtravel tab. It’s a tough knife and weighs the part, at 5.45 oz (for the titanium version) but despite the extra weight, it’s a great Zero Tolerance knife for EDC.

ZT 0452
The Sinkevich 0452 with CF scales is a top-seller at White Mountain Knives. With a simple, straight-back design, attractive, functional swedge and ergonomic handles, it’s great for both penetrating and slicing.

It’s a manual-open frame lock with a super-smooth KVT ball-bearing pivot system, a CF scale and a titanium back, and the gem of this model is the S35VN steel.

It’s extremely durable and corrosion resistant, and has an excellent temper for holding an edge.

ZT 0470
The ZT 0470 folding knife is another handsome knife with a carbon fiber insert, gray titanium scales and a CPM-20CV blade.

Ultra modern-looking, this manual flipper is easier to carry, highly ergonomic, and exhibits uncustomarily high-quality. Its graceful drop point design tapers to a fairly fine point, and its high flat grind makes it tops for slicing.

Also, the CPM-20CV blade steel is the icing on the cake, as, even though this steel is somewhat harder to resharpen, it will hold an edge for a long time and is highly corrosion resistant.

ZT 0450
At first glance, the ZT 0450 looks startlingly like the 0452. This top-seller at White Mountain Knives is actually designed on the 0454.

Open, it is 7.4” overall and it has a 3.25” blade of S35VN steel, the virtues of which have already been praised here. It is a light knife, too, 2.9 oz, and carries easily via its reversible deep carry clip.

It also features a frame lock, a flipper and a KVT ball-bearing system.

ZT 0462
Futuristic and sleek, the swept design of the ZT 0462 is a favorite. It’s also highly practical for slicing and cutting tasks.

The model in question features a CPM-20CV blade, a flat grind and carbon fiber scales. The unique design of the handle makes it highly ergonomic and the slight angle increases the user’s leverage.

As for the blade, it is a graceful trailing point with a flat grind and a super-adequate 4 inches of cutting edge, perfect for cutting tasks.

Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, it is a consistent favorite among ZT fans.

ZT 0609
Finally, we have the ZT 0609, designed by RJ Martin. The top-selling version at White Mountain Knives features a robust CPM-20CV blade with a straight back and a swedge or false edge, a high flat grind, and an attractively and functionally textured titanium and anodized handle.

With a 3.4” blade, 7.4” of overall length, and at 3.3 oz, it carries easily but is still stout enough to put to the proverbial grindstone, making it perfect as an EDC or even a tactical knife.

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