Pants are not just pants. Like any other component of your uniform or equipment, the manner in which pants are designed and constructed, makes a massive difference in comfort, support, performance, and overall utility.

Nowhere is this illustrated better than in UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants, which take comfort and security to previously unreached levels.

UF PRO’s Striker HT Combat Pants are available in multiple colors and patterns, including in Coyote Brown or Navy Blue and MultiCamⓇ.

These combat pants are constructed from blends of polyester, SchoellerⓇ-Dynamic, Cordura, and cotton ripstop fabric, which balance durability, breathability, and comfort.

For instance, cotton ripstop is comfortable and breathable in the heat, and unlike other cotton fabrics, is crafted with a cross-hatched, double warp and weft weave that stops tears in their tracks, making these pants remarkably durable and resistant to rips and tears.

Comfort in All Elements
Comfort in hot, oppressive conditions is one of the guiding forces behind the creation of these combat pants.

Light, yet protective, UF PRO’s Striker HT Combat Pants feature a unique air circulation system. They are equipped with mesh-lined openings in the groin area as well as open knee pad pockets. This state of the art, cool air flow system creates active air circulation with every step, helping to keep you cool and dry, even in the most grueling conditions.

Striker HT Combat Pants can be upgraded to provide protection and comfort in cold environments too! The WINDSTOPPERⓇ liner easily connects to the pants via a zipper. This lining offers substantial protection against the wind and cold temperatures, despite its low weight.

These combat pants are reinforced with the right materials in the right places; they’re reinforced and padded in the seat and knee and breathable at the back of the knee, for both superior comfort and protection.

In addition, these combat pants also feature stretch in the waistband, a double zipper pull fly, loops for suspenders, and a CorduraⓇ-reinforced instep.

For what it’s worth, they’re also light; the 34/34 size comes in at under 1kg (.95kg).

Security and Versatility
These combat pants feature UF PRO’s 3-layer knee protection system and are compatible with UF PRO’s 3D Tactical Knee Pads and Solid Knee Pads that offer additional cushioning, support, and protection that you won’t even notice.

Their 3D Tactical Knee Pads provide extra cushioning and support as well as protection against impacts.

These knee pads are upgradeable with UF PRO’s Solid Knee Pads which are flexible, halogen-free, and flame-resistant, and offer excellent penetration resistance against sharp and pointed objects.

Striker HT Combat Pants also keep gear where you need it, when you need it, as these combat pants are equipped with 14 optimally sized and distributed pockets.

Among these are a large side pocket, a side gear pocket that allows for quiet access, a lower leg pocket with a drawcord and vertical zipper, and an upper thigh pocket that is ideal for spare mags, knives, lights, or other critical gear.

Striker HT Combat Pants offer unprecedented compatibility with your other tactical gear. They feature double belt loops for a secure, comfortable fit, an adjustable lower leg, and boot hooks to keep your pants secure and keep dirt and sand out of your boots.

Where Can You Get a Pair of UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants
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They carry these combat pants in addition to other official UF PRO gear (such as their UF PRO Gen 2 Boonie Hat) and other tactical accessories. Visit their website today via the link above or contact their customer service team at 833-980-0333.

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