Name tags for work can enhance the office atmosphere or company culture, improve employee and customer communications, and create a more professional, uniformed employee facade.

Some providers of name tags for work also offer the ability to customize those badges with unique add-ons and attachments such as medallions or badge talkers. Some even offer unique, customized lapel pins that add extra personality and branding, too.

If you’re looking for a creative way to enhance your employees’ collective image, these sorts of configurations are easy to make.

Potential Benefits of Adding Medallions to Your Name Tags for Work
You can easily add a name badge medallion onto employee’s name badges to showcase employee excellence, advertise years of service, recognize specific employee accomplishments and so much more.

Consequently, there are numerous benefits to using medallions for such purposes, including the following.

● Employee recognition boosts employee morale. Happier employees are more motivated to project positive energy and to put forward the best image for your company or organization. When employees are happy, everyone wins.

● Using medallions can improve relationships with customers as well by keeping them engaged. The greater the confidence your customers have in your employees, the more satisfied they are likely to be.

● Medallions also give your organization a wider ability to recognize a variety of employee achievements and successes than name badges alone.

● Medallions can also help support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives by celebrating diversity in the workplace. They can also showcase brand values in a visible and colorful way.

● Medallions can be used to showcase employee personalities or capabilities. They can be used to highlight an employee’s bilingual or multilingual abilities or simply to advertise an employee’s personal expertise, interests, or hobbies.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Medallions for Name Badges?
Imprint Plus ( offers a wide range of name tags for work as well as high-quality name badge medallions that can be used to customize them. In addition to their name badges, they offer unique medallions in either aluminum or steel that are available in white, silver, or brass finishes.

Four-color edge-to-edge printing gives you the flexibility to create exactly the sort of fully-branded, fully customized medallions that work precisely for your business application.

Because medallions can be completely customized through the design tools and printing capabilities of Imprint Plus, these medallions can be customized to recognize diversity, celebrate terms of service, highlight skills, support green initiatives, and much, much more. If you can envision it, Imprint Plus can help you create it.

These name badge medallions are easy to customize and apply, and they’re specifically designed to work with Imprint Plus fasteners. They attach right to the badge, and since they’re thin and made of lightweight metals, they won’t weigh the badge down, making them the perfect attachments.

More good news: they’re 100% recyclable, so they’ll fall right in line with any of your company’s sustainability or environmental efforts.

Is the Upgrade Easy to Make?
Yes, attaching an Imprint Plus name badge medallion to one of their name tags or badges couldn’t be easy. They’re designed to be attached anywhere – to the bottom, top, or even the sides of the badge, and affixing them is easy.

Their medallions are made with double-sided tape. Simply peel off the film from the tape, line up the medallion where you want it on the badge, and press it firmly in place!

Where Can I Learn More?
Imprint Plus offers plenty of helpful materials on their website, as well as design tools, so you can learn more at, but their customer service is also helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Get in touch with them at 800-563-2464 and let them know how you’d like to see full-color customized name badges improve employee confidence and customer engagement; they’ll help you create a solution.

For more information about Name Tag Holders and Table Tent Sign Please visit: Imprint Plus.

Originally posted 2022-06-09 09:07:41.