Jennfier Garner son Samuel

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Jennifer Garner piled on the theatrics Wednesday night as she debuted her ghostly Halloween costumes on her Instagram page. The 50-year-old actress shared a spooky-yet-sweet video of herself dressed up in not one, but two ghost costumes! The video showed both of her ghost characters sitting on her kitchen stools alongside her adorable pup, who had his own ghost costume that appeared to be made out of a white pillowcase and had holes cut out of it for his eyes and nose.

Jennifer’s first costume had her in a purple and black striped dress that was cinched at the waist with a silky purple bow that tied in the back. The dress, which was paired with a black hair wig with a giant purple bow on top, looked as if it belonged on a little girl. Her face was pale and she had purple makeup around her eyes. The festive actress completed the look with black stockings and shiny black platform Mary Jane shoes.

Her second ghost costume looked a bit more classic and consisted of a white dress that was tattered and shredded throughout. Jennifer traded her black wig in for a gray one and wore oversized white shoes. The white ghost was the first character to say anything in the video, and let out an adorable, “Boo!”

It’s also worth mentioning that Jennifer was eating toast as she portrayed both spooktacular characters, as the toast was mentioned in the poem her purple ghost character recited as silly Halloween music played in the background. “Three little ghostesses sitting on postesses eating buttered toastesses,” she recited in a high-pitched story-telling voice. “Greasing their fistesses up to their wristesses,” she continued. “Oh, what beastesses to make such feastesses!” The purple ghost then poofed away with a special video effect before the white ghost ran up to the camera to turn it off.

Jennfier Garner son Samuel
Jennfier Garner was spotted picking her son up from school on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022 (Photo: BACKGRID)

Jennifer certainly looked different earlier in the day when she was spotted picking up her 10-year-old son Samuel from school. She adorably held hands with her youngest child and was dressed casually — rather than ghostly — in light wash jeans and a light blue button-down blouse. Meanwhile, Samuel wore blue joggers and a green polo shirt. Between Halloween duty and Mom duty, Jennifer is certainly staying busy this spooky season!


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