This Reddit user wants to know if he’s wrong for telling his sister-in-law he never liked her after she told him her feelings. He got brutally honest and told her he’d hated her ever since!

The Trifecta

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This Reddit post revolves around three people. We have OP (Original Poster), who is a 30-year-old male.

There’s also his wife, a 34-year-old female, with a very young sister named Alexa. She’s currently 19.

Interesting Situation at Home

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OP and his wife got married two years ago but had known each other for years before they got together. Because his in-laws lived abroad, they sent Alexa to live with his wife around 11 to 12 years ago.

Mom in Words and Actions

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Her sister, OP’s wife, basically raised Alexa. He mentioned that his wife would do everything for her baby sister.

Getting on His Nerves

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Being that young, you’d think OP would adore his sister-in-law and view her like his own baby sister. However, he got honest in this post and told everyone that Alexa gets on his nerves.

He mentioned she was bratty, and he felt like she existed to make his wife’s life miserable.

Meet the Bratty Sister-In-Law

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To describe her, OP mentioned Alexa is entitled and spoiled, nasty, rude, and arrogant. She also constantly gets into trouble, getting her on her teachers’ bad side.

Alexa always broke the rules and refused any form of therapy.

You’re a Saint

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It’s not a stretch to say that OP thinks of his wife as a saint. He mentioned that he’s amazed by all the patience and kindness she has shown toward her sister.

After all, he believed Alexa was such a nightmare!

Breaking Free

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Then, it was finally time for Alexa to move away from her sister when she started college. The moment she went to school, OP and his wife got married.

Confessing Her Feelings

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This Thanksgiving, Alexa suddenly came home. OP believed she skipped some of her classes to be there.

Then, she suddenly came onto him and tried confessing her feelings for OP.

Mistaking Kindness for Love

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OP mentioned that Alexa said she felt this way because he treated her much better than her sister did when they were younger. She was in this deluded mental state that mistook kindness for love.

Uncovering the Truth

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However, love was a far cry from what OP felt for Alexa. He explained that he tried to be nice to her because she was his wife’s sister.

He also took Alexa out every once in a while to give her sister a break.

Harsh Words

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OP lost it after Alexa confessed. He told her he never liked her!

He continued, saying he was only kind to her for his wife’s sake. OP knew his wife would be happy if he treated his sister-in-law well.

Putting up Walls

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He drove his point further when he told Alexa he was only putting up with her spoiled and entitled self so he could be with his wife. He also mentioned that he would get annoyed whenever she intruded on them.

Alexa then started to cry, eventually running out of the room.

Being Honest

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OP immediately came clean with his wife. He told her the truth of what had just happened.

His wife then agreed that he did the right thing. However, she also mentioned that he shouldn’t have been that harsh toward her sister.

Different Reactions

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Since this happened, OP got a mix of reactions. His wife thanked him for his honesty, but his in-laws were furious at him.

He also started getting a bunch of weird and disturbing messages, which he suspects were sent to him by Alexa’s friends.

Making His Stance Clear

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OP added an update and told the community he would never do anything with Alexa because he considers her a child. He also thinks it would be immoral and disgusting, especially since he watched her grow up.

Why He Thinks He’s in the Wrong

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OP further clarified that, whatever the circumstance, he would still shut her down and tell her it would never work out. His only issue is if he’s in the wrong for telling his sister-in-law he thought she was spoiled and bratty.

I Knew You Were Trouble

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Many people were trying to raise all the red flags about OP’s sister-in-law. They advised him to stay away from her and ensure he was never left in the same room with her alone.

One said, “Don’t be alone with her ever again; her words against yours.” And another added, “Please keep far away; she’s trouble you don’t need in your life.”

Reality Check

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To address OP’s concerns, a Redditor said he wasn’t in the wrong for being honest with Alexa. Instead, he believes Alexa needs a reality check.

He commented, “She’s an adult and needs a reality check for her past behavior. The problem isn’t what you did; it’s that no one did it before.”

Wife, Open Your Eyes!

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A couple of Redditors also put OP’s wife in the spotlight and said that she shouldn’t have been mad at OP for being honest with her sister. After all, it’s only fitting that he drew a fine line between them, leaving no room for Alexa’s misinterpretation.

A Redditor said, “Your wife thinks you were too harsh in turning down her sister’s attempt to ruin your marriage?!”

Would You Have Done the Same?

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It’s entirely uncalled for to be propositioned by anyone you consider your family. So, do you think OP was correct in doing what he did, or do you think he was overreacting?

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