A fixed blade for EDC has gained popularity in recent years and the Bradford Guardian 3 series is at the forefront of this trend. It’s lighter and smaller than a lot of folding knives, which makes it easy to see why it has become a favorite as an EDC knife for many knife enthusiasts.

The Guardian 3 is a fantastic knife and a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a compact fixed blade, full-tang knife. The leather sheath is designed for hidden and horizontal carry, so it’s easy to sheath, rapid to deploy, and completely concealed. Below are more reasons to love the G3.

Why Go with a Fixed Blade
Fixed blade knives, despite being a less popular EDC alternative, provide a number of advantages. They’re known for their durability and strength which often outperforms that of folding blades.

Some knives are made with a full-tang design, which means the blade runs the entire length of the knife from handle to tip, making them stronger than half-tang knives.

Also, because fixed blades don’t have hinges like folding blade knives, they have less chance of collapsing, even when used frequently.

Advantages of Full-Tang Knives
A full tang knife made of a single piece of metal running the entire length of the blade provides exceptional durability. Although a full tang knife is heavier, it is also less likely to bend.

However, the main advantage of a full tang knife is its strength. A full tang knife allows for a strong force and leverage, especially for hard materials and when doing heavy knife jobs. A complete tang also increases the amount of stock metal in the tool’s handle, which can help some users adjust the tool’s balance point because the blade is often heavier than the handle.

By adding weight to the handle of a knife to counterbalance the weight of the blade, the rotational balance point is shifted back toward the hand, where it may be more readily maneuvered to great effect, resulting in a nimble, agile tool.

A forward-balanced blade excels in chopping but at the expense of agility and ease of manipulation. A center-balanced blade, on the other hand, excels at agility.

The Guardian 3 Difference
The Guardian 3 is a full-tang fixed-blade knife capable of a wide range of jobs. It’s small enough to carry with you on the road at just 6.75 inches overall. Its 3.5-inch blade, however, is more than capable for most outdoor and EDC activities.

The blade is made of Bohler M390 steel, which is fine-grained, easy-to-sharpen steel that can take a beating in the field.

Deployment: N/A Fixed Blade
Length: 6.75″
Blade Length: 3.5″/3.0″ cutting edge
Blade Thickness: 0.142″
Weight: 3.52 oz.
Weight w/ Sheath: 5.9 oz.
Blade Material: Bohler M390
Blade Style: Plain Edge/False Edge top
Bladed Finish: Stonewashed
Handle Material: G10

Bohler M390 Steel Blade
Bohler M390 steel is one of the most popular and high-performing steel available. M390 is so resistant to wear and tear that it keeps the edge in good shape. As a result, a knife manufactured of M390 steel will keep its edge for a long time. This also means you won’t need to sharpen your knife often. Not only is this beneficial because sharpening a knife takes time, but it also means your knife will last longer. Remember that the more you sharpen your knife, the quicker it will wear out.

M390 offers a few other outstanding attributes in addition to sharpness retention. It can be toughened to a rather high hardness without brittleness. This means that when compared to other varieties of steel, M390 can be sharpened a little thinner.

M390 is also stainless steel. Because of the amount of chromium in it, it’s not expected to rust and is very resistant to corrosion.

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Originally posted 2022-05-19 11:08:25.