Alberta, Canada, is an excellent place to start a small business. It is because business owners get a lot of support from the local government of Alberta. In addition, small businesses get benefits like corporate tax incentives and rebates, business capital resources, and information on how to apply for a business license.

It takes guts and determination to start a business. However, if you are ready to start your business in Alberta, you will need the help of one of the small business lawyers in Alberta.

Questions to ask your future lawyer
A small business attorney will handle some of your company’s sensitive information, so it is prudent to hire one you can depend on. They must be someone that you can trust and one that you are comfortable working alongside.

Before you hire a lawyer, you need to ask them these questions to determine if they are the right fit.

How long have you been in the legal field?
There are aspects of the law that need your lawyer’s exceptional knowledge and skills. For example, franchise agreements, intellectual property, and service contracts require specialization. You need to ensure that the lawyer you are going to hire has experience in the field that you need them for.

Some lawyers may get offended by this question. However, it is an important question to ask to give you an idea if they can provide the service you need.

Will other people handle the account?
Most lawyers have paralegals working for them. However, some lawyers assign the bulk of the work to their paralegals. You must ensure that the lawyer you hire will not excessively delegate the work you send them.

It would be counterproductive to keep re-explaining what you have told your lawyer. So, while work can be spread, ensure that your lawyer will be handling the bulk of the work.

How do you communicate with your clients?
It is essential to know how your lawyer will communicate with you. Some attorneys like to correspond via phone, and others prefer email. Others do not like to speak beyond the scheduled meetings.

It would be best to have a lawyer that you can quickly get hold of. You need to ask many questions, especially if you are starting, so you need to have an open line of communication. Make sure to learn their communication style.

How do you bill?
Legal fees can be high. Find out the exact billing method of your lawyer to avoid being surprised by the amount of attorney’s fee that you will be charged. For example, some lawyers bill their clients by the hour, and others bill for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Do you handle any clients in a similar field?
Lawyers handling clients in a similar field as yours may have a conflict of interest. You have to ensure that your lawyer does not have any clients that are your competitors.

Each business has sensitive information that you share with the lawyer. To prevent sharing of information, you must find a lawyer who does not work with a competitor in your field.

These questions will help you find who is the best fit for you among the small business lawyers in Alberta, so do not hesitate to ask them.

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Originally posted 2022-06-03 06:31:47.