If you are looking for a place to settle in Canada, Alberta should be at the top of your list. It has a diverse population and offers something for everybody since you have countless options on where to live—whether you prefer a small town or a cosmopolitan city. The province also has an affordable cost of living and good employment opportunities, making it a well-rounded choiceto many people.

If you have planned to build a property in Alberta for a while now, you should first find Alberta land surveyors to conduct all the necessary surveys. These will lay the foundation for your project and inform many aspects, such as the design, budget, and time. To learn more about why you should work with a surveyor in Alberta, check out the reasons below.

Understand the Land Surface
No matter what you are building, it is essential to understand the different features of your land since these can affect your property’s structural integrity. Some of the critical data points in a land survey include dimensions, boundaries, natural or man-made landmarks, topography, utilities, and other geographic features.

Given how comprehensive land surveys are, they can help you make the best decisions on how to use your land. For example, surveyors can help you assess whether a specific area has a high risk of flooding, which may affect your decision to proceed with the construction. They can also measure out your lot’s dimensions and mark the boundary lines to guide you in creating a floor plan.

Avoid Boundary Disputes
Alberta land surveyors can help you identify where a parcel of land starts and ends to prevent building anything on someone else’s property. While estimating your property lines by eye may seem easy, this is far from reality. There are many technicalities involved in geography, so it is best to seek help from professionals to identify the boundaries accurately.

You can ultimately stay within your territory and prevent conflicts with neighbors by getting a land survey. However, these issues happen more commonly than you may think, so it will be best to hire a surveyor to help you avoid problems from arising in the first place.

Secure Financing
Banks or mortgage lenders may require you to get a land survey to grant you a loan to build your property. This document helps them assess the land—its measurements, content, and boundaries—to ensure it is worth the price.

Purchase Title Insurance
Buying title insurance is critical to protect yourself from liens and other potential title issues. However, even if you build a new property, these problems can still occur. For example, if you recently made a subdivision, you have to show that you subdivided the land properly to avoid questions about legal ownership in the future.

Because of this, you usually need to get a land survey before buying title insurance. This assures title companies of your property’s boundaries or which part of the land you legally own.

No matter what building project you have lined up in Alberta, getting a land survey will be imperative. It will give you all the essential details about your land to better plan the architecture and design. So if you need help with this, make sure to find trusted Alberta land surveyors to do the job for you.

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