Vehicle Damage: Is it Worth It to Fix a Car After a Road Mishap?

According to a report issued by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board in November last year, over 300,000 traffic-related accidents occur annually in Canada. After the height of the pandemic, the world eased its border restrictions, and car owners are on the road again. With these statistics, along with increasing car registration totals for the 1st quarter of 2022, it is not surprising that vehicle collisions happen often.

Have you just been in a car crash? Are you wondering if it’s worth taking your vehicle for a car or truck repair in London? It’s a big decision because if you get into an accident, you still need your car to drive you to places. This leaves you no choice but to take it to a mechanic to repair it.

But how will you know whether it’s worth your money to fix it? Will your lender demand the repairs if you still have a loan on the vehicle? How about car insurance coverage?

To help you decide what to do next, we gathered the top questions to ask yourself about determining the worth of repairing or replacing your car.

Can I Drive Even If My Car Is Damaged?

If your vehicle still runs following an accident, pocketing your money and getting on your way can be tempting. This is perfectly understandable, safe, and legal in some cases (a small bumper dent, for example).

However, some types of damage can make driving your car hazardous and illegal. Examples include:

  • Missing bumpers
  • Sharp edges
  • Damaged areas of the car engine or gas tank
  • Loose trunks and doors
  • Windshield cracks that may obstruct or impair your vision

What If I Don’t Get My Car Fixed After an Accident?

Generally, getting in touch with your insurance company after the accident is a wise idea. Insurance companies vary when it comes to the timeline of reporting and using your car’s policy coverage.

Once you’ve filed a claim, you can get your car fixed as soon as possible. Your assigned claims adjuster will also guide you through the process and notify you of any limitations for your coverage usage.

Do I Have to Use Insurance Money to Fix My Car?

As previously mentioned, there may be circumstances wherein you might be tempted not to get your car fixed. If the damage is minor, you can also be tempted to do away with getting it fixed but use the insurance money for something else instead. Others will even decide to postpone the needed repairs and put their vehicle in a transmission shop in Oshawa.

The answer to the question depends on whether or not you own the vehicle outright. If you’re lending the car, this may mean that the lender technically owns it and wants to retain its value, requiring you to have it repaired. 

On the other hand, if you own it outright, you can use the insurance money however you like. Still, some people use it to fix their cars right away.  

Will I Lose Insurance If I Don’t Have My Car Repaired?

Your insurance company will not want to keep insuring your vehicle for future physical damage if it was already damaged and you did not have it repaired. Future accidents will compound any existing damage. The company will usually handle the proof of repair by issuing a check to you and the shop that does the repairs. Other evidence of repairs can include photos and receipts if you want to keep your insurance coverage.

Likewise, getting your vehicle back on the road will vary from state to state, like requiring your vehicle to undergo a special inspection to make sure it’s road-worthy. You should check with your claim adjuster for accurate details about insuring your car.

How Do I Choose a Good Repair Shop?

Suppose you’ve decided to take your car to a repair shop, but you’re unsure how and where to find the right one. You can search online for suggested garages and repair shops near you, especially when you need to leave your car. You should choose a shop nearby to ensure your vehicle is not far from your home since car repairs can take a day or more (depending on the number of customers).

You can also ask local social media groups, friends, and family for their recommendations. Afterward, you can search online for the best-rated shops and call ahead to get a general quote for the possible repair work based on the damage to your vehicle. Also, it’s worth noting that you ask them to show you in detail the work they’ve done once they’re finished repairing it. Most importantly, keep all the necessary documents safe.

When Is a Car Repair Not Worth It?

When deciding whether to keep maintaining your car or trade it in for a new and expensive one, there are multiple factors to consider. But the general rule of thumb is when a significant repair costs more than half of the car’s value, or the vehicle has become unreliable to the point that it puts you in near-fatal accidents. In these circumstances, it may be the right time to trade your car.

Originally posted 2022-08-31 17:22:31.